Goose - Shenanigans Nite Club 2LP (Purple Vinyl)

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Goose - Shenanigans Nite Club 2LP (Purple Vinyl)

Goose fluidly traverse genres with head-spinning hooks, technical fireworks, and the kind of chemistry only possible among small-town and long-time friends. Shenanigans Nite Club, released in June 2021, encapsulates the band's rise. The nine track project is an ode to oft-forgotten vestiges of Goose's experience, both personal and collective. Bestowing deserved éclat on the emergent musicians, the album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard's Top New Artist Albums chart.

Goose introduce the record with "So Ready" and it's counterpart "(s∆tellite)." Just shy of ten minutes together, the tracks twist and turn through synthesizer emitting hilariously sexual vibes, jazz-y bass, and a chantable hook. "Labyrinth" dives down a deeper rabbit hole as warm guitar wraps around shimmering piano originally culled from Rick Mitarotonda's school days. As the first proper Goose song, "Spirit of the Dark Horse" originated after a 12-minute meditation between Rick and Trevor Weekz back in 2015. It unfurls as a captivating trip in and of itself and holds a lot of meaning.

The same could be said of the album title. As legend has it, Shenanigans Nite Club really popped off in the eighties. Rick's uncle worked as a bouncer and manager for the iconic haunt and shared all manner of wild stories with his nephew. He even gave Rick a sign from the original club, which overlooks the basement where the boys jam. "Shenanigans has always been around," Rick elaborates. "It became the idea of the record. It celebrates this element of nostalgia and good memories as we move forward."

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