Genesis - ...And Then There Were Three... (180g Half-Speed Master) LP

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Genesis And Then There Were Three: Deluxe Edition on 180g LP


Half Speed Mastered / Pressed at Optimal

The Genesis reissue campaign soldiers on, this time with the band’s studio output during the half-decade between 1976 and 1981 which includes A Trick of the Tail (1976), Wind & Wuthering (1971), And Then There Were Three (1978), Duke (1980) and Abacab (1981). The 1976-1981 era was a transitional period for Genesis on a couple of different levels, but the music that emerged within those years helped take a prog-heavy gang of musicians and turn them into proper pop/rock heroes.

Like the title suggests, And Then There Were Three is otherwise known as The One After Steve Hackett Left, but it’s also where the tide began to turn commercially for the band, and in a very good way, indeed. The album features “Follow You Follow Me,” which provided Genesis with their first Top-10 single in the UK (#7) and their first top-40 single in the US (#23), while also spotlighting the members’ individual songwriting skills, with Tony Banks contributing “Undertow” and “Many Too Many” and Mike Rutherford offering up “Snowbound” and “Deep in the Motherlode.” 

• Deluxe edition 180g vinyl LP
• Half speed mastered
• 2008 mixes by Nick Davis
• Pressed at Optimal
• Gatefold jacket

Genesis And Then There Were Three Track Listing:

1.  Down And Out 
2.  Undertow 
3.  Ballad Of Big 
4.  Snowbound 
5.  Burning Rope 
6.  Deep In The Motherlode 
7.  Many Too Many 
8.  Scenes From A Night's Dream 
9.  Say It's Alright Joe 
10. The Lady Lies 
11. Follow You Follow Me