Frank Black - The Cult of Ray LP (Blue Vinyl)

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Limited blue colored vinyl LP pressing. First released in 1996, The Cult Of Ray is Frank Black's third studio album and includes the singles "Men In Black," "The Marsist" and "I Don't Want To Hurt You (Every Single Time)."

Black explains the Cult Of Ray "was the band that was also the band for the first Frank Black & The Catholics record. I hadn't stumbled on to my live to 2 track obsession just yet, but I was quite enjoying the parameters of 16 track 2 inch. Fat and warm, aided by my sweet as candy pal Lyle Workman on lead guitar. Lyle can be best described as a HOT DOG with a telecaster in his large, supple hands. Super fun motorcycle ride."

Long out of print, this new vinyl reissue is pressed on 140g blue vinyl, housed in a printed inner sleeve.