Francois J. Bonnet & Stephen O'Malley - Cylene II LP

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Cylene II is the new materialization of the collaboration between François J. Bonnet & Stephen O’Malley, initiated in 2018 and continued without interruption since then, taking form in a myriad of contexts ranging from common practice to recording sessions, concerts and tours. Cylene II bears witness to these different contexts, offering a multifaceted sound signature developed on different occasions—artist residencies in La Becque, Switzerland and Modena, Italy, live performance excerpts, a studio session at INAGRM Studios in Paris. For the listener, Cylene II is a sound that reaches from the deep and scales up to the far firmament in its careful motion, drawing emotions viscerally from the chest, giving rise to the suggestibility of the soul. A séance of sorts for all who witness it, whether playing or listening.