Mamaleek - Diner Coffee LP

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The fifth album from Bay Area weirdos Mamaleek, Via Dolorosa is the duoÕs darkest and most experimental release, incorporating black metal, psychedelia and electronic music. It is also the first Mamaleek record featuring live drums. At once harsh, frightening and beautiful, Via Dolorosa is like an evening at the darkest jazz club as it might appear in the depths of a childÕs fever dream.
Though the groupÕs two anonymous brothers hail from the San Francisco Bay Area and their work is rife with themes of death and nihilism, musically they stand apart from the cityÕs most well-known black metal exports (Weakling, Leviathan, et al.). Via Dolorosa features track titles inspired by traditional slave songs and incorporates melodic, Middle Eastern aesthetics.
Bask in sorrow and reflect on your pitiful existence.

ÒThe duoÑa pair of brothers who prefer to keep their identities a secretÑmix Middle Eastern song structures and samples, atonal experimental and avant-garde accents, guttural black metal howls, accessible electronic breakbeats, sludgy doom metal guitar-work, nimble piano interludes, and plenty of pop panache to create an unrelenting, moving sound.Ó ÑForbes
ÒMamaleek present a strong argument for being the next California black metal export worth following in the future.Ó ÑSputnikmusic
ÒThis record is the best black metal I have heard in a long, long time. ItÕs one of the best albums IÕve heard in a long time, period. An absolute must-listen.Ó ÑDan Barrett (Have a Nice Life)