Forhist - Forhist LP (Black/White Vinyl)


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"Forhist" may be understood as an authentic echo of the past cloaked in an intimate garment. This, no doubt, has to do with the fact that Vindsval lived and breathed Black Metal during its peak and that he is not a young artist who is simply dreaming of having experienced those golden days. Or as he stated in a personal interview with Le Scribe Du Rock in the year 2019: "Black Metal corresponds to a time, very strange by the way, when we were almost all possessed by the genre, nothing else really existed outside of that and the universe he drew totally cut us off from the "real" world, propelled us very far from our daily adolescent life."

Even though - as Vindsval utters himself - "Forhist" is created to be listened to while taking a solitary walk through the dark woods.