Filmmaker - Fictional Portrayals


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Emerging as one of the most vital producers from South America to Europe, Filmmaker is back on Veyl with the new album, Fictional Portrayals. Recorded in his home country in Envigado, Colombia, the release delivers 8 tracks of raw, body pursuits proving yet again that he remains at the forefront of EBM, industrial, wave and beyond. While always carrying the producer’s soundtrack influenced sound, the LP kicks off with the haunting 'All About That Pyramid' moving next to the title track’s driving energy while then shifting to the more cerebral programming of 'Possession' ft. Bad Faith Actor.

Things are just picking up with club decimators like 'Splitter' and 'Immune to Propaganda' while also switching moods with the more sinister 'Orphic Eggs' and the mesmerizing 'Continuity'. Rounding out the release is the cold, emotional ride of 'Far From Prospect', leaving us with a sense of dread while simultaneously questioning just what is fact and what is fiction - something we never quite know in today’s multi-dimensional existence.