Escape the Fate - This War is Ours LP (Clear w/Red & Green vinyl)

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After a year of drama and speculation, Escape the Fate return stronger and heavier than ever. Their sophomore re lease, This War Is Ours, marks the debut of singer Craig Mabbit (formerly of Bless the Fall) and has all the elements that made Dying is Your Latest Fashion such an immediate success. The blistering guitars, beyond-heavy breakdowns and an in-your-face attitude remain, and the addition of Craig's mad vocal skills - from the deepest growls to the most emotive harmonies - propels ETF beyond the fray. From the formidable breakdowns of "The Flood," to radio-ready heartbreak in "Something," to the theatricality of "It's Just Me," Escape The Fate proves this is a band destined to triumph. First time pressing on limited edition White with Red & Green splatter vinyl to celebrate the album's 15th anniversary!