Destructor - Sonic Bullet LP


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The 2003 release of Sonic Bullet is an important piece of DESTRUCTOR's discography. It marked the band's return from hiatus and introduced long-standing bassist Jamie Boulder to the line-up.

Armed with 5 new recordings - "Sonic Bullet", "Heavy Artillery", "Silent Enemy", "Blackest Night" and "Master Of The Universe"; the original 2003 Auburn Records release also featured 2 tracks "G-Force" & "The Triangle" from the then unreleased 2000 sessions which have since become the "Back In Bondage" album.

This newly constructed re-release swaps out those tracks with the 2007 "Storm Of Steel" & "We Are Ready" limited edition 'Storm of Steel' EP recordings. Completing the studio archives and honoring an era. Still intact with two 'live' tracks recorded in 2002 - "Pounding Evil" (Classic Metal Festival) and "Iron Curtain" (Slayer).

Finalized with 2019 new cover art by artist Larry Weber and a revised layout by Reaper. This is a sonic bullet aimed straight at your head and ears!