Derrick Morgan - Development LP

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Development is a classic rocksteady record that barely came out in 1972, Jamaica. One of the rarest of the genre, Development is impossible to find. And even when found impossible to find a good playing copy-the pressing was just flawed. Sutro Park Records is proud to present a newly remastered version of the record, available on vinyl for the first time since it originally came out (probably available for the first time anywhere outside a few record shops in Jamaica). Painstakingly remastered by the great Gary Hobish, over a two-year period of time (there are no tapes, so everything had to be sourced from the best vinyl masters), the resultant vinyl release is a revelation: a must for rocksteady fans, a must for Derrick Morgan fans. An instant classic of the genre. Derrick Morgan was and is (he is still touring) one of the legends of rocksteady music. Bringing the sound from Jamaica internationally, Derrick Morgan had the style, the sound, the songs, the music