Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again LP

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Depeche Mode - Construction Time Again LP
Initially rooted in the U.K.’s New Romantic movement, modern rock icons Depeche Mode first formed in 1980 with founding partners Dave Gahan, Martin Gore, Vince Clarke, and Andrew Fletcher. Their pioneering, synthesizer-based sound became a global phenomenon that made them wildly successful electro-pop superstars who loomed as large as cult heroes as they did as commercial heavies. With an originality of vision that’s only grown over time, the band’s wealth of singles and signature tracks ranges from bold dance grooves to atmospheric alt-pop to dramatic, industrial flavored masterpieces. 

Depeche Mode issued Construction Time Again on Mute/Sire in 1983, their third full-length effort overall following 1982's A Broken Frame, and the band's first to feature keyboardist and arranger Alan Wilder as a full-time member. The majority of the compelling 9-song set was composed by Gore including the two standout singles “Everything Counts” and “Love In Itself” with exception to "Two Minute Warning" and "The Landscape Is Changing" which were contributed by Wilder. Gatefold 180 gram vinyl with insert and liner notes.

"This record was a massive leap forward. We’d been working in the same studio up to that point, Blackwing Studios in Borough in southeast London, which was a great studio with a great couple of engineers. Still, we felt we wanted to make a change of studio, just to get into a different environment. We ended up working in John Foxx’s studio, which is called The Garden...It was during the making of that record that we discovered sampling, which was a huge part of the sound of the records going forward...Construction Time Again represents a period where there were a lot of new things going on." - Producer/Founder of Mute Records, Daniel Miller 

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