Deathgrave - It's Only Midnight LP (Color Vinyl)


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Oakland Grindcore 2nd album. Members of Autopsy and Brainoil. Influenced by the likes of Napalm Death, Rudimentary Peni and Impetigo.

“It’s Only Midnight” dives deeper into the realms of Grindcore while lacing new dimensions to their sound. The drums add polyrhythms and complex time signatures in a seemingly effortless fashion. Meanwhile, the guitar playing combines bizarre chords, fast chainsaw picking, chunky palm mutes, and unnerving echoing melodies into a unified style. Bass lines diverge from the guitar parts highlighting the pulverizing drive of the music. To cap off the unit, Andre delivers the most demanding performance to date. The amalgam of the four members spews out a new and, to be honest, an undefinable sound. To say this is just another grind album would be a vast understatement.