Creeping Death - Boundless LP (Clear 180g Vinyl)

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The Texas death metal crew repeatedly delivers a relentless bludgeoning summoned from the furthest reaches of the genre's past, present, and future. A triumphant celebration of the style itself, the Lone Star State five some whips up gruesome riffage and Southern grooves with an improbable cathartic glee. Boundless Existence boasts future death metal classics like the super heavy, fast, and groovy "Intestinal Wrap" (which features George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher of Cannibal Corpse). "Vitrified Earth" showcases Creeping Death's increasing skills at songcraft, most evident with the cadence and phrasing of Alavi's vocals while never neglecting the sick riffs. Toward the album's end, there's even a bit of a spaced-out atmosphere, with guitar effects, harmonies, and heady time signatures. "CREEPING DEATH assembles hulking riffs, screaming guitar solos, and ghastly vocal lows, and play them with the urgent momentum of a sterling hardcore band." - Revolver Magazine