Charli XCX - True Romance LP


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Anchored by the hit singles "You (Ha Ha Ha)" and "Nuclear Seasons," Charli XCX's debut studio album, True Romance, reaches its milestone 10 year anniversary in April 2023! To celebrate Atlantic Records offers up True Romance on colored vinyl LP. "Wow. 10 years of true romance. This album – that initially not many people heard but quite a few people grew to adore – was the beginning of everything for me," the pop star shares. "The beginning of discovering myself as a person – my voice, my confidence, my style, how big I could make my hair, how I moved on stage... and the beginning of compiling all of those elements into myself as an artist. I was just a myspace kid inspired by teen movies, party photos and what felt like a very far away and impenetrable club scene. I just wanted to escape, figure out what made me tick and meet people who understood the things that I adored."