Bronze - Absolute Compliance LP

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The folks at Castle Face dig a good trance. Hypnosis, mesmerization, and brain trickery are some of their favorite results of deep listening and it is a suggestive, ritualistic and dreamlike vibe that Bronze ooze like pheromones all over their excellent new record. Absolute Compliance is a truly hypnogogic group of tunes from Bronze on their best and weirdest behavior and it hits all Castle FaceÕs favorite things about them immediately and repeatedly: insistently strange synth voicings emanating from Miles FrictionÕs mad scientistÕs lab worth of equipment, controlled by a homemade-looking oversized knob; Brian HockÕs throbbing, woolly, hall-of-mirror grooves; and above it all Rob SpectorÕs thousand yard croon, the vaguely familiar touchstone amongst these Lynchian, mutated surroundingsÑthese are songs of dreams and nightmares, hidden rituals observed, futuristic coliseum entertainments displaced in time, sci-fi jams of an uncertain future. Bronze are one-of-a kind great and if unfamiliar, go find their other records (including their great live record for Castle Face) and get caught up. They are real-deal weirdo kings of San Francisco and their spell is not easily dissipated once cast.