Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Greatest Hits 2LP

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There is a signature richness and power to the music Bob Seger has been making for decades. As succeeding generations discover these qualities, his reputation as an artist and songwriter has only grown. His work represents the best of what rock n' roll can be: passionate, unpretentious, uplifting, and true to itself and its audience. Perhaps most of all it is distinctly American, a plainspoken testament to the dignity, hopes, and aspirations of ordinary people. All of which explains why Seger's songs have lasted and continue to be so well-loved. And they don't sound better in any format than vinyl, particularly a pressing made at QRP.

Seger has generated an unrivaled catalog of songs that have entered the pantheon of contemporary popular music including "Roll Me Away," "Night Moves," "Turn The Page," "Hollywood Nights," "Still the Same," "Old Time Rock and Roll," "You'll Accomp'ny Me," "Against the Wind," "Like a Rock," and "The Fire Inside," all collected on this chart-dominating Greatest Hits album. In 2009, Billboard and Nielsen SoundScan officially confirmed that Bob Seger's Greatest Hits was the decade's best-selling catalog album, moving more than nine million copies and out-dueling The Beatles' 1 and Michael Jackson's Number Ones along the way.