Bill Orcutt - Jump on It LP

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Having naturally shifted to a less aggressive and more pensive approach in recent years, starting with 2017’s Bill Orcutt, his first solo electric album, Jump on It feels calm and even quiet in places. On many tracks, like the gently probing Some Hidden Purpose, you hear the sound of Bill’s breathing, a stark contrast to the dramatic non-syllabic howling that haunts his other acoustic releases and another detail that illustrates the intimate and more content nature of this recording. In fact, Jump on It shares much with parts of Bill Orcutt, including the space between notes and the shimmering nature of the music, the best example being A Natural Death, a deeper-sounding song with some reverb, reminiscent of Ol Man River from Bill Orcutt. However, there are still bursts of Bill’s signature blistering fretboard runs and spiky arpeggios, like on New Germs, where even some of his moans are audible.