Amigo The Devil - Yours Until The War Is Over LP (180g White Vinyl)

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The 13 tracks that make up Yours Until the War is Over together weave tales of relatable self destruction and trauma bonding with arresting authenticity. Created from the mood of handwritten desires, songs emote the depths of using a relationship for survival, whether by addiction, doubt, death or narcissism. Yours Until the War is Over successfully pulls off Tom Waits worship. It shows that this whole Amigo the Devil thing isn't a true crime niche. This is a songwriter's record – his most singular and disarming work to date. Amigo the Devil, like any songwriter, doesn’t have to be the story to tell the story. Yours Until the War is Over isn't necessarily autobiographical. Songwriting doesn't have to be linear to make sense. The point where the storyteller and the listener meet is where the magic lies on this album. It doesn't have to be real, even when true life experiences are used as a guide. You don't have to be suicidal to write about suicide. These stories are fantasy explaining reality, not the other way around.