Aerosmith - Live! Bootleg LP (180g)


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180g Vinyl 2LP Reissue Remastered from the Original Tapes

1978's platinum-certified Live! Bootleg documents some prime Aerosmith captured in concert in 1977 and 1978 plus a Boston radio broadcast from 1973. Includes raw and authentic takes on "Back in the Saddle," "Sweet Emotion," "Toys in the Attic," "Walk this Way," and "Dream On" plus compelling covers of "Come Together" and "Mother Popcorn."  Joe Perry recalls, "I didn't want to do a live album at the time because there were so many perfect live albums coming out, all doctored and fixed and overdubbed. Big deal. Double live album - 'standard of the industry'. I felt like we had to avoid that and do a real live album like Live at Leeds or Get Yer Ya Ya's Out or that old Kinks album." 180g vinyl 2LP reissue remastered from the original tapes.