New arrivals & restocks – April 27th, 2016

Adam Bartlett

Tags New Arrivals, Restocks

NEW ARRIVALSAuroch, From Forgotten Worlds LP, $16.00 (20 Buck Spin)Blacklisted, When People Grow, People Go LP, $13.00 (Deathwish Inc.)John Carpenter, Lost Themes II CD, $13.00 (Sacred Bones)John Carpenter, Lost Themes II LP, $17.00 (Sacred Bones)Cold Cave, Full Cold Moon 12-inch, $13.00 (Deathwish Inc.)Death Index, Death Index 12-inch, $14.00 (Deathwish Inc.)Downfall Of Nur, Umbras e Forestas CS (import), $8.00 (Monoton Studio)Grave Ritual, Morbid Throne LP, $16.00 (Dark Descent)Harm Wulf, There’s Honey In The Soil LP, $13.00 (Deathwish Inc.)Holodomor – Témoignages de la Gnose Terrestre 12-inch (import), $14.00 (Musica Noire)Lunglust, Repetition Is Hell LP, $12.00 (War Fever)Northless, Cold Migration 12-inch, $12.00 (Triple...