Used new arrivals (Hip Hop Singles - storefront only) - June 19th, 2017

Adam Bartlett

2Pac    So Many Tears
A Certain Ratio    Wild Party 12-inch
Aesop Rock & El P    Dead Light / Train Buffer
Aesop Rock, MF DOOM, & Slug    Put your Quarter Up
Afu-Ra    Whirlwind Thru Cities
Afu-Ra    Defeat / Mortal Kombat
Afu-Ra    D&D Soundclash
Afu-Ra    Stick up 12-inch
Akinyele    Take A Lick 12-inch
Akrobatik    The EP
Almyghty Myghty Pythons    AMP 12-inch
Apathy    Immortal
Asheru and Blue Black    Truly Unique/Soul 12-inch
Asheru and Blue Black    Elevator Music/B-Boy 12-inch
Atmosphere    Modern Man's Hustle 12-inch
AZ    Doe or Die remix 12-inch
Azeem    Garage Opera
Bahamadia    Uknowhowwedu 12-inch
Bahamadia    I Confess 12-inch
Bahamadia    commonwealth 12-inch
Beatnuts    Off the Books 12-inch
Beatnuts    Find That 12-inch
Beatnuts    Work That Pole 12-inch
Beatnuts    Let's Git Doe 12-inch
Beatnuts    Buying out the bar 12-inch
Beatnuts    Simple Murder 12-inch
Big Dro    Choose One
Big Noyd    Recognize and realize 12-inch
Biz Markie    Superrapin
Blackstreet    No Diggity
Blahzay    Blahzay 12-inch
Blahzay Blahzay    Blah Blah Blah 12-inch
Blank Fasiz    Mind Power
Blood of Abraham    Life 12-inch
Blood of Abraham    Future Profits 12-inch
Blood of Abraham    Velvet Glove
Boot Camp    And So
Brand Nubian    Rockin It 12-inch
Brand Nubian    All For One 12-inch
Brand Nubian    Word Is Bond 12-inch
Brand Nubian    Foundation 2LP (clean promo)
Brassmunk    Push Up/Get Right 12-inch
Breez Evahflowin    Between tha Seams
Breez Evahflowin    Forsaken
Breez Evahflowin    Pro-Files EP
Brother El    Pay Close Attention
Bukue One    Mash It Up/Pressed Wax 12-inch
C-razy Walz    Whodaf Kareyou
Call O Da Wild    Sometimes the Neighborhood
Call o Da Wild    Intellectual Dons
Cameo    You Make Me Work
CamRon    Purple Haze 2LP
Capital D and the Molemen    Currency Exchange 12-inch
Cappadonna    Black Boy 12-inch
Cappadonna    Run 12-inch
Casual    Me-O-Mi-O/Thats How It Is/Rock On/Later On 12-inch
Cee Knowledge    Space is the Place
Checkmate    Bat and Switch 12-inch
China Drum    Barrier EP
Choclair    Fragrant
Chops     feat. Planet asia 12-inch
Common    The food 12-inch
Cormega    Built For This 12-inch
Crown City Rockers    Another Day
Cvees    The Jump Off 12-inch
Cypress Hill    Tequila Sunrise
Cypress Hill    Illusions / Killafornia
Cypress Hill    We Ain't Goin' Out Like That 12-inch
Cypress Hill    Throw Your Hands in the Air
Da Bush Babees    Remember We 12-inch
Das EFX    Baknaffek / Wontu
De La Soul f. Redman    Oooh. 12-inch
Def Jux    Fondle ‘em
Defari    Focused Daily
Del tha Funky    Funk Em 12-inch
Denizens    Tree City Legends
Dilated Peoples    Poisonous 12-inch
DITC    Dignified Soldiers
DITC    Day One
DITC    Thick 12-inch
DJ Cash Money    WKIS Guess Who's Comin' to Dinner
DJ Cue    Crushed Breaks - DJ Toolkit part 4 12-inch
DJ Cue    Crushed Breaks - DJ Toolkit part 4 12-inch
DJ Greyboy    Polygood / Throw it Up
Dj Hype    Metro Attitude
DJ Muggs    Soul Assassins 2LP (promo)
DJ Vadim    Combustible
DM & Jemini    twenty sixe inch 12-inch
Dopestyle 1231    Wedgie
Doujah Raze    Irish Cream
DPZ    Turn Off The Radio/We Need a Revolution 12-inch
Dr Dre    Dre Day EP
Ed OG and Da Bulldogs    I Got to Have It 12-inch
El Da Sensei    Summer Time Bluez 12-inch
El Stew    El Stew Extended Play 1.0 10-inch
El-P    Lazerfaces’ Warning / Squeegee Man Shooting
Emanon    Emcees Like ME
Eminem / Pharoahe Monch & Shabaam Sahdeeq    Any Man / WWIII
Eric B and Rakim    I Know You Got Soul
Fab Five    Blah / Leflah 12-inch
Fondle Em Fossils    v/a 12-inch
Foxy Brown    Broken Silence
Freestyle Fellowship    To Whom It May Concern...Version 2.0f
Fugees    Killing me Softly
Gang Starr    Nice Girl Wrong Place/Rite Where U Stand 12-inch
Genius / GZA    Cold World 12-inch
Ghetto Concept    Livin It Up/Krazy World 12-inch
Ghetto Concept    Krazy World 12-inch
Glue    Haunt 12-inch
Goodie Mob    Cell Therapy 12-inch
GP WU    Party People 12-inch
GZA    Knock Knock
Heltah Skeltah    Therapy
Heltah Skeltah and Originoo Gunn Clappaz    Leflaur Leflah Eshkoshka/Lettha Brainz Blo 12-inch
Illin P    You Be Illin 12-inch
Infamous Mobb    The Sequel 12-inch
Insight    Updated Software 2.5 LP
J Love and Masta Ace    NFL
Jamal    Fades Em All
Jamal    Fades Em All 12-inch
Jay Dee ft. Frank N Dank    Off Ya Chest / Take Dem Clothes Off
Jay Z    Cant Knock The Hustle
Jay Z    Dead Presidents / Jay-Z’s Listening Party
Jay-Z    Hey Papi
Jay-Z    Dead Presidents 12-inch
Jay-Z    In My Lifetime 12-inch
JD and JZ    Money Aint A Thing Remix 12-inch
Jeff Baraka    A Different Type of Cancer 12-inch
Julez Santana    From Me To U (radio / promo) 2LP
Keith Murray    Incredible
Keith Murray    That's that hit
King Tee    Free Style Ghetto 12-inch
Kool DJ EQ    Me and My Main 12-inch
Kool G Rap    It’s a Shame
Kool Keith    Test Press
KRS One    Return of the Boom Bap
KRS ONE    5 Boroughs 12-inch
KRS-One/Rakim/Jeru    Pump Ya Fist Sampler 12-inch
Kurious    Walk Like A Duck 12-inch
Lauryn Hill    Doo-Wop
Lauryn Hill    Everything is Everything
Lauryn Hill    Boom Biddy Bye Bye
Lauryn Hill    Ex-Factor/Lost One Remixes 12-inch
Lifers Group    Real Deal
Lil Kim    Suck My Dick
Living Legends    Brand New
Living Legends    Damn It Feels Good/Whatizit 12-inch
Lunar Heights    Prove Me Wrong
M-Boogie Featuring Buckshot    The Real 12-inch
Macy Gray    I’ve Committed Murder 12-inch
Main One: The Ghetto Child    Learn 2 Be A Man 4 Self 12-inch
Marvel    Throw This Ball / Red Light District / Wordz Of
Maspyke    The Played List
Masta Ace    The Lost Tapes
MC Breed + DFC    Ain't No Future 12-inch
MC Twist    Step Off
McEnroe    The Convenience EP
Method Man      Dangerous Grounds
Method man / red man    Blackout
MF Grimm    Do It For The Kids 12-inch
Mf Grimm    Scars and Memories 12-inch
Mic Geronimo    The Natural
Mic Geronimo    Unstoppable 12-inch
Micranots    Culture / Illegal Busyness
Missin Linx    Problemz
Mission    EP
Mobb Deep    Survival of the Fittest 12-inch
Molemen    Locked
Molemen    Below the Ground
Molemen    Buried Alive EP
Molemen    Below the Ground 12-inch
Monsta Island Czars    Escape!
MOP    Brooklyn/Jersey Get Wild 12-inch
Mos Def    Ms.FatBooty/Mathematics 12-inch
Mos Def, Diverse, & Prefuse 73    Wylin Out
Movemeant    Good Money/Move On 12-inch
Mr Scruff    Shrimp 12-inch
Mr. Dibbs    Outreach 5 12-inch
Mr. Lif    Front On This EP
MS    Strick it Rich 12-inch
Nappy    dugout remixes
Nappy Roots    Trouble of this World
Nappy Roots    Roun’ the Globe
Nappy Roots    Set it Out
Nas    Stillmatic
Nas    I Am… (promo / clean version) 2LP
Nas    If I Ruled 12-inch
Nas    Street's Disciple (clean promo)_
Naught by Nature    Jamboree 12-inch
New Order    Confusion 12-inch
Nextmen    Among The Madness instrumentals 2LP
Non Phixion    Rock Stars
Obie Trice    Rap Name 12-inch
OC    My World
OC    Born to Live
OC    Far From Yours 12-inch
Oh No and Kazi    Check It Out 12-inch
Orange Factory    Intoxicated/BuckFooly 12-inch
Outkast    ATLiens
Outkast    Aquemini 3LP
Outkast    Git Up Git out 12-inch
Outkast    Da Art of the Storytellin' Part I 12-inch
Outkast w/Cee-lo    In Due Time 12-inch
Pace Won    I Declare War
Paw-Dukes    C’est La Vie
Perfect Strangers    Forefront/Formula Fresh 12-inch
Perverted Monks    Get Up/Desperados 12-inch
Pete Rock & CL Smooth    Searching
Pete Rock & CL Smooth    T.R.O.Y.
Pete Rock & CL Smooth    Straighten It Out
Petey Pablo    I Told Y'all 12-inch
Pharoahe Monch / Sir Menelik    Mayor / 7xl 12-inch
Pharoahe Monch / Sir Menelik    Mayor / 7xl 12-inch
Photek    Mine to Give
Pigeon John    Nothing Without You 12-inch
Prefuse73    92 vs 02 12-inch
Prince Paul    A Prince Among Thieves 2LP
Prince Paul    A Prince Among Thieves (clean promo)
Psycho Realm    Psycho City Blocks
RA 5”9    You Can’t Touch Me
Rackamatics    Get a life 12-inch
Raphael Saadiq & Q Tip    Get Involved
Raw Breed    Rabbit Sew 12-inch
Raw Produce    The Feeling of Now 12-inch
Real Live    Real Live Sh*t 12-inch
Ripshop    FM Modes
Rodney O & Joe Cooley    This is for the Homies 12-inch
Roots    Come Alive 12-inch promo
Roscoe    Smooth Sailin12-inch
Royal Flush    Movin On Ya Weak Production 12-inch
Royal Flush    Rotten Apple 12-inch
Rumple Tilskinz    Is it Alright
Rusty Pelicans    Prototype RPCP / Like I Do
RZA    Hits Mega Mix
RZA    Bobby Digital - Holocaust 12-inch
S. Double    Bubblin 12-inch
Seam    Kernel 7-inch
Seel    Third Strike
Seel Fresh    Nickel Pimp 12-inch
Serum    Melting in the Pot 12-inch
Single Minded Pros    Session One 12-inch
Single Minded Pros    Session Two 12-inch
Sixtoo    The Secrets That Houses Keep 10-inch
Sleestackz    Ruination / Crystal Clear
Sleestackz    Ruination/Crystal Clear 12-inch
Slug/Rubberoom/Hi-Fidel    Midwest 12-inch
Slum Village    Tainted 12-inch
Slum Village    Kanye West and John Legend 12-inch
Sole    Salt On Everything LP 12"
Souls of Mischief    No Mans Land 12-inch
Starving Artists Crew    Artistry Original/Four Square 12-inch
Stigg Of The Dump feat Sebutones    still aLIVE AT THE VEGLIA LOUNGE 10-inch
SUN    Radiate 12-inch
Sunz of man    No Love w/o Hate
Sunz of man    Bloody Choices
Sunz of Man    Soldiers of Darkness
Superrappin    Mike Zoot/Rubix 12-inch
The 45 King    The 900 Number EP (2 copies in 1 package)
The Clash vs DNS    Train in Vein
The Doc    Return of the Livin Dead 12-inch
The East Flatbush Project    Tried By 12 12-inch
The Grouch    Wish You A Good Day 12-inch
The Hemisphere    Blacked Out 12-inch
Thirstin Howl    Brooklyn Hard Rock 12-inch
Thirstin Howl III    I Still Live With My Moms / Thristy, Greedy
Time Machine    Reststop Sweetheart 12-inch
Tommy Tee    Whats Your Name 12-inch
Too Short    Cock Tales 12-inch
Too Short    Get In Where You Fit In 12-inch
Tortoise    The Taught and the Tame
Tragedy    La, La
Tragedy Khadafi    Still Reporting 12-inch
Tragedy Khadafi    Blood Type 12-inch
Tribe Called Quest    Like it Like That
Triple Seis    Some Shit 12-inch
Triple Seis    Some Shit 12-inch
Ty    Break The Lock 12-inch
Unsung Heroes    Unleashed Instrumentals 2LP
Vakill    End of Days
Various    Lexoleum Two
Various    The Hogan Fam EP
Various    Mos Def / Company Flow
Various    Beats and Lyrics
Various Artists    The Next Chapter (clean version) 2LP
Various Artists    Nudder Budders 2LP
Various Artists    Panther - The Points
Was Cravan & Johnny Dangerous    Tear Da Club Up 12-inch
Wu Tang    Iron Flag 2LP (promo)
Wyclef Jean    Gone Till November 12-inch
Xzibit    Man Vs Machine promo
Y@k Ballz    HomePiss
Yak Ballz    My Claim
Yak Ballz    The Reign
Yukonn MC    Sweet Baby 12-inch

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