New vinyl new arrivals & restocks - November 3rd, 2018

Adam Bartlett

A good batch of new vinyl in house and ready to move!

Artist    Title    Price
Arsis    Visitant LP    $23.00
Atmosphere    Sad Clown Bad Year 2LP    $30.00
Bauhaus    In the Flat Field LP bronze vinyl    $21.00
Bauhaus    Mask LP yellow vinyl    $21.00
Bikini Kill    Singles 45 rpm LP    $16.00
Car Seat Headrest    Twin Fantasy (Mirror to Mirror) 2LP    $26.00
Coven    Witchcraft Destroys Minds LP reissue red vinyl    $27.00
Cult Leader    A Patient Man LP    $18.00
Daughters    You Won't Get What You Want 2LP color vinyl    $29.00
Dave Brubeck    Time In 180g LP    $30.00
Dead Can Dance    Dionysus LP    $30.00
Earl Sweatshirt    I Don't Like Shit LP    $19.00
Earl Sweatshirt    Doris LP    $19.00
Eric Clapton    Unplugged 2LP    $33.00
Gene Clark    White Light 180g LP    $40.00
Greta Van Fleet    Anthem of the Peaceful Army LP    $17.00
King Gizzard    Float Along: Fill Your Lungs LP    $23.00
King Gizzard    Oddments LP    $23.00
King Gizzard    Eyes Like Sky LP    $23.00
King Gizzard    12 Bar Bruise LP    $23.00
Lauryn Hill    Miseducation of LP    $28.00
LCD Soundsystem    American Dream 2LP    $29.00
Leathermouth    XO LP    $18.00
Lord Huron    Strange Trails LP    $22.00
Lord Huron    Lonesome Dreams LP    $17.00
Lord Huron    Vide Noir 2LP    $22.00
Mac Miller    Swimming 2LP    $24.00
Marlowe    Marlowe LP    $27.00
Metallica    And Justice For All 2018 remaster LP    $23.00
Metric    Art of Doubt 2LP    $24.00
NOFX    Greatest Songs Ever Written LP    $21.00
Opeth    Pale Communication 180g 2LP    $27.00
Proposition (Nick Cave & Warren Ellis)    Film Soundtrack LP    $22.00
Queensryche    Operation Mindcrime LP 180g    $24.00
Skinny Puppy    Mind: The Perpetual Intercourse LP    $25.00
Skinny Puppy    Cleanse Fold and Manipulate LP    $25.00
Street Sects    Kicking Mule LP    $21.00
Super Unison    Stella LP indie exclusive color vinyl    $18.00
Suspiria (Thom York)    2018 Film Soundtrack 2LP    $33.00
They Might be Giants    Lincoln 180g color vinyl LP    $23.00
Touche Amore    10 years 1000 Shows Live LP    $21.00

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