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New arrivals & restocks (storefront) - November 11th, 2016

New arrivals & restocks (storefront) - November 11th, 2016

It's been a long week, but trying to stay on top of things around here at the shop. Here's all the new stuff that hit the shelves this week. Tons of new arrivals & restocks.


65daysofstatic, No Man's Sky OST 2LP, $29.00 (Varese Sarabande)
Adrian Younge, The Electronique Void: Black Noise LP, $24.00 (Linear Labs)
Alkaline Trio, Agony and irony 2LP, $34.00 (Epic/SRC)
American Football, LP2 LP, $21.00 (Polyvinyl)
Anciients, Voice of the Void LP, $25.00 (Season of Mist)
Aseethe, Hopes of Failure CS, $7.00 (Thrill Jockey)
Aseethe, Hopes of Failure CS, $7.00 (Thrill Jockey)
Ashbringer, Vacant LP, $16.00 (Vendetta)
Astronoid, Air CD, $14.00 (Blood Music)
Atmosphere, Fishing Blues 3LP, $32.00 (Rhymesayers)
Atmosphere, Southsiders 2LP, $30.00 (Rhymesayers)
Atmosphere, When Life Gives You Lemons 2LP, $18.00
Bad Brains, Bad Brains LP, $16.00
Bad Brains, I Against I LP, $20.00
Bat, Wings of Chains (Clear) 12", $17.00
Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill 30th anniversary LP
Beastie Boys, Licensed to Ill: 30th Anniversary LP, $23.00 (Def Jam)
Bei Ru, LA Zooo LP, $19.00
Belenos, Kornôg CD, $16.00 (Northern Silence Productions)
Black Flag, Damaged LP, $20.00
Black Flag, Jealous Again LP, $16.00
Black Flag, My War LP, $20.00
Black Flag, Nervous Breakdown 10", $20.00
Black Flag, The First Four Years LP, $20.00
Black Flag, Wasted Again LP, $20.00
Black Wing, Is Doomed LP, $15.00 (Enemies List/Flenser)
Blasphemer, Ritual Theophagy CD, $14.00 (Comatose Music)
Boduf Songs, Stench of Exist LP, $16.00
Body Of Light, Let Me Go LP, $19.00
Boom Bip, Sun Choke LP
Bosse-De-Nage, II LP, $13.50
Bright Eyes, The Studio Albums 2000-2011 Box Set, $159.00 (Saddle Creek)
Califone, Roomsound (Deluxe Reissue) LP, $19.00 (Dead Oceans)
Captain Beefheart, Diddy Wah Diddy 7", $15.00 (Sundazed)
Casual Sweetheart, Always/Never CS, $2.50 (Cold Slither Tapes)
Child Bite, The Living Breathing Organ Summer CD, $2.50 (Joyful Noise/Forge Again)
Child Bite/Dope Body, Split Picture LP, $5
Conor Oberst, Ruminations LP
Conor Oberst, Ruminations LP, $22.00 (Nonesuch)
Crippled Black Phoenix, Bronze 2LP, $25.00 (Season of Mist)
Crippled Black Phoenix, Bronze CD, $12.00 (Season of Mist)
Cultes des Ghoules, Henbane 2x 12", $21.00
Cultes Des Ghoules, Spectres Over Transylvania 12", $17.00
Cypress Hill, Black Sunday 2LP, $34.00 (Ruffhouse/Columbia)
Cypress Hill, S/T 25th Anniversary Edition LP, $25.00 (Ruffhouse/Columbia)
Dakhma (US), Raze LP, $11.00 (All We Know)
Dakhma (US), Suna Kulto CS, $6.00 (self-released)
Danny Brown, Atrocity Exhibition color vinyl LP, $27.00 (Warp)
Danny Brown, Hot Soup 2LP, $25.00
Decisions, S/T CS, $2.50 (Cold Slither Tapes)
Denouncement Pyre, Black Sun Unbound 12", $18.00
Descendents, ALL LP, $20.00
Descendents, I Don't Want to Grow Up LP, $20.00
Descendents, Milo Goes to College LP, $20.00
Destroy This Place, Animal Rites LP, $6.00
Destroy This Place/Hospital Garden, Split 7", $2
Diamond Head, S/T (Clear Vinyl) LP, $28.00 (Back on Black)
Dillinger Escape Plan, Dissociation 2LP, $28.00 (Party Smasher)
Dillinger Escape Plan, Dissociation CD, $13.00 (Party Smasher)
Dillinger Four, Situationist Comedy LP, $13.00 (Fat Wreck Chords)
Dinosaur Jr., Give a Glimpse of What Yer Not LP, $17.00 (Jagjaguwar)
Dinosaur Jr., Where You Been LP, $22.00
Drake, If You're Reading This It's Too Late 2LP, $29.00 (Republic)
Drake, Views 2LP, $29.00 (Republic)
Drive OST LP (Cliff Martinez), $40.00 (Lakeshore)
Echo & the Bunnymen, Echo & The Bunnymen 180g LP, $22.00
Eldamar - The Force of the Ancient Land CD, $16.00 (Northern Silence Productions)
Elder, Reflect CD, $2.50
Elder, Reflect LP+CD, $2.50
Enforcer, Death by Fire LP, $16.00
Enslaved, The Sleeping Gods - Thorn CD, $14.00 (By Norse)
Excuse, Goddess Injustice 12", $16.00
Father Murphy, Croce LP, $16.00
Father Phoenix, Large Bodies CD, $1.50
Father Phoenix, Large Bodies LP, $2.50
Fordirelifesake, A Daydream Disaster LP, $7.00
Funeral Moth, Transience LP, $24.00 (Throne)
George Carlin, I Kinda Like It When a Lotta People Die LP
Ghast, May the Curse Bind 2LP, $5.00
Giles Corey, S/T Box Set, $40.00 (Enemies List/Flenser)
Godflesh, Decline & Fall 12”, $18.00
Grafvitnir, Necrosophia LP (Transparent Vinyl), $22.00
Gravewurm, Doomed to Eternity Limited Edition 12", $25.00
Hell/Mizmor, Split CS, $6.00
Hirax, Not Dead Yet LP, $14.00
Husker Du, Flip Your Wig LP, $20.00
Husker Du, New Day Rising LP, $20.00
Husker Du, Zen Arcade 2LP, $29.00
Ibex Angel Order, I CD, $13.00
Ibex Angel Order, I LP, $20.00
Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Vol 2 2LP, $22.00
Immortal Technique, The 3rd World 2LP, $19.00
In Flames, Battles CD, $13.00 (Eleven Seven)
In the Woods, Omnio 2LP, $34.00 (Back on Black)
In the Woods, Strange in Stereo 2LP, $34.00 (Back on Black)
J Dilla, Donuts (smile cover) 2LP, $19.00
J Dilla, Jay Love Japan LP, $18.00
Jaylib, Champion Sound 2LP, $18.00
Jean-Michel Blais, II LP, $18.00 (Arts and Crafts Productions)
Jesus and Mary Chain, Automatic (Limited Edition) 2LP, $28.00 (Plain)
Jimmy Eat World, Integrity Blues LP, $21.00 (RCA)
Judas Priest, Rocka Rolla LP, $19.00 (Back on Black)
Judas Priest, Sad Wings of Destiny LP, $19.00 (Back on Black)
Kayo Dot, Plastic House on Base of Sky LP, $16.00
Kevin Devine, Instigator LP, $16.00 (Procrastinate! Music Traitors)
King Geedorah, Take Me To Your Leader 2LP, $29.00 (Big Dada)
Kool Keith, Feature Magnetic (Limited Edition) LP, $25.00 (Mello Music)
Kool Keith, Feature Magnetic LP
Kringa, Through The Flesh Of The Ethereal Womb 10-inch, $18.00
Lake of Blood, As Time and Tide Erodes Stone LP, $10.00
Lasers and Fast and S**t, Third: Munch LP, $6.00
Legendary Pink Dots, Seconds Late For The Brighton Line 2LP, $23.00
Loss of Self, Twelve Minutes LP, $12.00
Love and Rockets, Express (Numbered Limited Edition) LP, $28.00 (Drastic Plastic)
Love and Rockets, Love And Rockets LP
Love and Rockets, Seventh Dream of A Teenage Heaven LP
Lucifer's Hammer, Beyond the Omen CD, $11.00
Madvillain, Madvillainy 2LP, $19.00
Masta Ace & MF Doom, MA Doom 2LP, $19.00
Mercyful Fate, Dead Again 2LP, $32.00 (Metal Blade)
MF Doom, MM FOOD 2LP, $18.00
MF Doom, Operation: Doomsday (Limited Edition) 2LP, $28.00 (Metal Face)
MF Doom, Unexpected Guests 2LP, $21.00
MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental, Good Morning Vietnam 3 LP, $26.00
Minutemen, Double Nickels on the Dime 2LP, $29.00
Minutemen, The Punch Line LP, $20.00
MONO, Requiem for Hell 2LP, $22.00 (Temporary Residence)
MONO, Requiem for Hell CD, $12.00 (Temporary Residence)
Motorhead, 1916 LP, $19.00 (Back on Black)
Motorhead, Bastards LP, $18.00 (Golden Core)
Motorhead, Hammered LP, $18.00 (Steamhammer/SPV)
Motorhead, Inferno LP, Damaged Jacket, $18.00 (Steamhammer/SPV)
Motorhead, March or Die LP, $19.00 (Back on Black)
Muscle and Marrow, Love LP, $15.00
NAS, Illmatic LP, $18.00 (Columbia)
Nefandus, Reality Cleaver CD, $10.00
Nefandus, Reality Cleaver LP, $18.00
Nightbringer, Ego Dominus Tuus 2LP, $32.00
Nightbringer, Emanation CD, $11.00
Nightbringer, Emanation LP, $18.00
Nirvana, In Utero 180G 2LP, $30.00 (DGC)
Norilsk, The Idea of North LP, $16.00
NWA, Greatest Hits 2LP, $23.00 (Priority)
Office, Not Her Style 7", $2
Old Gods, S/T LP, $5.00
Old Gods, Stylized Violence CD, $2.50
Old Gods, Stylized Violence LP, $5.00
Oozing Wound, Whatever Forever LP, $20.00 (Thrill Jockey)
Pantera, The Great Southern Outtakes LP, $21.00 (Atlantic)
PB Wolf, My Vinyl Weighs A Ton 2LP, $17.00
People Under The Stairs, The Gettin Off Stage Step 1 Instrumentals LP, $21.00
People Under The Stairs, The Gettin Off Stage Step 2 Instrumentals LP, $21.00
Pink Eyes, S/T LP, $5.00
Pink Floyd, Meddle 180g LP
Pink Floyd, The Wall 180g 2LP
Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here 180g LP
Pixies, Head Carrier CD, $14.00 (Pixies Music)
Pixies, Head Carrier LP, $21.00 (Pixies Music/Play It Again Sam)
Pixies, Indie Cindy LP, $22.00 (Pixies Music)
Quasimoto, Talkin Shit die cut 7”, $14.00
Quasimoto, The Unseen 2LP, $18.00
Quasimoto, Yessir Whatever LP, $25.00
Razor, Armed and Dangerous LP, $16.00
Red Fang, Only Ghosts CD, $14.00 (Relapse)
Red Fang, Only Ghosts LP, $18.00 (Relapse)
Red Hot Chili Peppers, Mother's Milk LP, $20.00 (EMI)
RX Bandits, …And the Battle Begun LP, $24.00 (Sargent House)
Sacrifice, Soldiers of Misfortune Picture LP, $17.00
Sacrifice, The Ones I Condemn LP, $16.00
Saint Vitus, S/T LP, $20.00
Salvation, Royal F**ks CS, $2.50 (Cold Slither Tapes)
Samiyam, Animals Have Feelings LP, $17.00
Screaming Females, Ugly LP, $22.00 (Don Giovanni)
Sean Price, Songs In The Key Of Price 2LP, $25.00
Serpent Noir, Erotomysticism CD, $14.00
Serpent Noir, Erotomysticism LP, $19.00
Serpent Noir, Seeing Through The Shadow Consciousness LP, $19.00
Serpentine Dominion, S/T LP (Green/grey), $21.00 (Metal Blade)
Serpentine Dominion, S/T LP (Red/black), $21.00 (Metal Blade)
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Dim the Lights, Chill the Ham LP, $20.00 (Yep Roc)
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Savvy Show Stoppers LP, $20.00 (Yep Roc)
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet, Sport Fishin' LP, $20.00 (Yep Roc)
Sleepwalker, Live CS, $12.00 (Vedavu)
Sonic Youth, A Thousand Leaves LP
Sonic Youth, Experimental Jet Set LP, $18.00 (DGC)
Sonic Youth, NYC Ghosts and Flowers LP
Souls Of Mischeif, 93 Til Infinity 2LP
Spahn Ranch, Back To Wood LP, $19.00
Starter, Starter LP, $18.00
Street Sects, End Position LP, $15.00
Striker, Stand in the Fire LP, $16.00 (Record Breaking Records)
Suicide, Ghost Riders LP, $16.00
Sunwolf, Beholden to Nothing… 2LP, $29.00 (Throne)
Survive, RR7349 CD, $12.00 (Relapse)
Survive, RR7349 LP, $18.00 (Relapse)
Svartidaudi, The Synthesis of Whore And Beast CDEP, $11.00
System Lilliput, Harpa LP, $18.00
Talib Kweli & Madlib, Liberation LP, $13.00
Talib Kweli, Fuck The Money 2LP, $20.00
Television, The Blow-Up 2LP, $23.00
Temper Temper, S/T LP, $2.50
The Body, All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood, $11.00 (At a Loss)
The Inflation Kills, Grounds for Termination CS, $2.50 (Cold Slither Tapes)
The Neal Morse Band, The Similitude of a Dream CD, $18.00 (Radiant)
The Starting Line, Say It Like You Mean It 2LP, $33.00 (Geffen)
Thelonious Monk, Thelonious Himself LP
Tight Phantomz, Silk Prison (Part 1) LP, $7.50
Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1 LP, $23.00 (Wilbury/Concord Bicycle)
True Love, Meditating Through Illusion CS, $6.00 (Les Fleurs de Mal)
Ultha, Dismal Ruins LP, $16.00 (Vendetta)
Uninhabitable, S/T LP, $11.00 (All We Know)
Urzeit, Anmoksha CS, $6.00
Urzeit, Anmoksha LP, $15.00
Vampillia, Some Nightmares Take You LP, $28.00 (Back on Black)
Vile Creature, A Pessimistic Doomsayer CS, $6.00 (self-release?)
Violator, Scenarios of Brutality LP, $16.00
Void Omnia, Dying Light CD, $10.00 (Vendetta)
Void Omnia, Dying Light, $6.00 (self-released)
Wardruna, Runaljod - Ragnarok LP (Silver), $36.00 (By Norse Music)
Wardruna, Runaljod - Ragnarok LP, $28.00 (By Norse Music)
Weezer, Green Album LP, $18.00 (Geffen)
Weezer, Make Believe LP, $18.00 (Geffen)
Weezer, Maladroit LP, $18.00 (Geffen)
Weezer, Red Album LP, $18.00 (Geffen)
Worm Ouroboros, Come the Thaw 2LP, $17.00
Wormlust, The Feral Wisdom CD, $15.00
Wormlust, The Feral Wisdom LP, $21.00
Wreck and Reference, Indifference Rivers Romance End LP, $16.00
Wreck and Reference, No Youth LP, $15.00
Wreck and Reference, Want LP, $16.00
Yesterday’s New Quintet, Angles Without Edges 2LP, $17.00
Youth Code, Commitment To Complications LP, $19.00

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