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New arrivals + restocks (storefront) - March 25th, 2017

New arrivals + restocks (storefront) - March 25th, 2017

This list contains some items that are available online, but many of the titles listed here are available in store only. We try to keep the online store listings curated for a specific audience, and for that reason many item listed below will not be added online. But stop in to the local shop if you see something here that's not online. Or shoot us an email if you'd like to mailorder something here that you don't see online.


14KT, 14Killa Tape LP, $19
311, Transistor 2LP, $25
65daysofstatic, No Man’s Sky OST 2LP, $27
A Diadem of Dead Stars, Kingdoms Bathes in Golden Light LP, $16
Aaron Rose, Elixir LP, $19
Abyssal, Antikatastaseis 2LP, $20
Addaura, Addaura LP $16
All Them Witches, Sleeping Through The War LP, $22
Amenra, Mass IIII LP, $20
Amphisbaena, Amphisbaena 12-inch, $14
Anal Blasphemy, Western Decadence LP, $17
Andrew Liles, The Unimportance of Being Earnest (white vinyl), $27
Animals as Leaders, The Madness of Many LP, $22
Arch Enemy, As The Stages Burn LP, $25
Aseethe, Hopes of Failure LP, $15
Ash Borer / Fell Voices, Split CS, $6.00
Ash Borer, Ash Borer CS, $6.00
Ash Borer, Bloodlands CS, $6.00
Ash Borer, Cold Of Ages CS, $6.00
Ash Borer, MMIX Demo CS, $6.00
Ash Borer, The Irrepassable Gate CS, $6.00
Atanor, Atanor 12-inch, $16
Beastie Boys, Hello Nasty 2LP, $27
Beastie Boys, Licensed To Ill LP, $22
Beastie Boys, Paul’s Boutique LP, $22
Bereft, Lands CD, $12.00
Big Punisher, Bronx Legends Never die LP, $20
Bill & Phil, Sounds of Darkness LP, $16
Black Cilice, A Corpse, A Temple LP, $
Black Cilice, Mysteries LP, $17
Black Cilice, Nocturnal Mysticism 7-inch, $
Black Funeral, Ankou and the Death Fire LP, $
Black Star, Mos Def & Talib Kweli are Black Star LP, $23
Blu, Good To Be home 2LP, $21
Blu, Her Favorite Colour LP, $15
Bohren & der Club of Gore, Geisterfaust LP, $26
Bolzer, Aura 12-inch, $14
Bolzer, Roman Acupuncture 12-inch, $17
Brokeback, Illinois River Blues LP, $16
Buzzcocks, Time’s Up LP, $19
Can, Limited Edition LP (import / unofficial release), $20
Career Suicide, Machine Response LP, $19
Cavern Of Anti Matter, Blood Drums 2LP, $25
Childish Gambino, Because the Internet 2LP, $33
Chinnamasta, Vajra-Sarpa 12-inch, $14
Circa Survive, On Letting Go (dlx ed.) LP, $18
Clutchy Hopkins & Fat Albert Einstein, High Desert Low Tide LP, $22
Cocaine Piss, The Dancer LP, $17
Coil, Astral Disaster LP, $29
Conor Oberst, Salutations 2LP, $25
Cross Vault, Miles to Take CD, $11
Cross Vault, Miles to Take LP, $15
Crusades, The Sun Is Down LP, $15
Crusades, This Is A Sickness LP, $15
Cruz, Culto Abismal CS, $8
Cruz, Culto Abismal LP, $15
Cult of Fire, Ascetic Meditation of Death CD, $13
Cult of Fire, Ascetic Meditation of Death LP. $17
Cult of Fire, Ctvrta Symfonie Ohne 7-inch, $8
Cult of Fire, Triumvirate CD, $13
Cult of Fire, Triumvirate LP, $16
Cunninlynguists, Strange Journey Volume 3 2LP, $29
Cynics, Blue Train Station 180g LP, $14
Cynics, Get Our Way LP, $14
Cynics, Here We Are 180g LP, $14
Damu the Fudgemunk, TEKS LP, $20
Danny Brown, XXX 2LP, $22
Darkest Hour, Godless Prophets LP, $13
Darkthrone, Arctic Thunder (ltd color vinyl / bent jackets) LP, $13
Daughters, Daughters LP, $22
David Bowie, Diamond Dogs 2016 re-master LP, $20.00
David Bowie, Young Americans 2016 re-master LP, $20.00
Dead Boys, 3rd Generation Nation 180g LP, $17
Dead Can Dance, Aion LP, $19
Dead Can Dance, Spiritchaser 2LP, $22
Dead Can Dance, The Serpent’s Egg LP, $19
Dead Congregation, Promulgation of the Fall Slicase CS, $
Dear Esther (Jessica Curry), Soundtrack 2LP, $32
Death Grips, Bottomless Pit LP, $20
Death Grips, No Love Deep Web 2LP, $24
Death Grips, Powers That B 2LP, $24
Death, Human LP, $17
Deathcult, Beasts of Faith LP, $15
Deathcult, Demo 12-inch, $15
Deltron3030, Deltron3030 2LP, $20
Depeche Mode, Spirit 2LP, $32
Disharmony, Vade Retro Satana LP, $22
Do Skonu, Cold Streams of Death LP, $16
Do Skonu, The Grand Awakening Among the Great Sleep LP, $16
DOA, Murder LP, $17
Dodecahedron, Kwintessens CD, $13
Dodecahedron, Kwintessens LP, $19
Dr. Dre, The Chronic 2LP, $22
Dying Fetus, Descent Into Depravity LP, $17
Dying Fetus, Destroy The Opposition LP, $17
Dying Fetus, Reign Supreme LP, $17
Dying Fetus, Stop At Nothing LP, $17
Dying Fetus, War Of Attrition LP, $17
Earthen Sea, An Act of Love LP, $18
Elliott Smith, Either/Or Expanded 2LP, $25
Emma Ruth Rundle, The Time Between Us LP, $16
Emperor, Emperial Live Ceremony LP, $21
Emperor, In the Nightside Eclipse reissue LP, $22
Emperor, IX Equilibrium LP, $21
Emperor, IX Equilibrium LP, $21
Emperor, Live at Wacken Open Air LP, $24
Emperor, Live Inferno LP, $24
Emperor, Prometheus LP, $21
Enisum, Samoht Nara LP, $15
Face to Face, Don’t Turn Away LP, $13
Face to Face, Face to Face LP, $13
Fleshtones, Blast OFf! 180g LP+7-inch, $15
Front, Iron Overkill LP, $16
FYP, Five Year Plan LP, $15
Gang Starr, Daily Operation LP, $29
Gateway, Scriptures of Grief CS, $8
Good Charlotte, Good Charlotte LP, $26
Gore Gore Girls, Up All Night LP, $14
Greg Graffin, Millport LP, $20
Haggatha, V LP $17
Havok, Conformicide 2LP, $25
Heavydeath, In Circles We Die LP, $22
Hellvetron, Dominus Inferi LP, $17
Hifi Maintenance kit, $21
Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions, Until the Hunter 2LP, $23
Ifrinn, Ifrinn 7-inch, $14
Immolation, Atonement LP, $25
Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Vol 1 2LP, $19
Immortal Technique, Revolutionary Vol 2 2LP, $22
Immortal Technique, The 3rd World 2Lp, $19
Infernal Curse, Apocalipsis LP, $18
J Dilla, Dillatronic Vol $22
J Dilla, Jay Love Japan LP, $19
J Dilla, Jay Stay Paid 2LP, $19
J Dilla, Ruff Draft 2LP, $19
J Dilla, The Shining 2LP, $25
Jack White, Acoustic Recordings 2LP, $27
Jam, In The City LP, $15
Jay Dee, Welcome to Detroit 2LP, $25
Jaylib, Champion Sound 2LP, $19
Joe Strummer, Live At Action Town Hall 2LP, $20
John Lee Hooker, That’s Where It’s At! LP, $20
John Zorn, The Garden of Earthly Delights CD, $19
Jonwayne, Cassette on Vinyl Lp, $19
Jonwayne, Here You Go 2LP, $22
Jonwayne, Is Retired 12-inch, $16
Jonwayne, Rap Album One 2LP, $19
Joy Division, Autosuggestion LP (import / unofficial release), $23
Joy Division, Closer 180g LP, $15
Joy Division, Still 180g 2LP, $33
Joy Division, Substance 180g 2LP, $33
Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures 180g LP, $20
Julie Burn, Not Even Happiness LP, $17
Julien Baker, Funeral Pure 7-inch, $8
Junius, Eternal Rituls LP, $25
K Def, In the Moment LP, $22
Kanye West, 808s and Heartbreak 2LP, $36
Kanye West, Late Registration LP, $21
Kanye West, My Beautiful… 2LP, $27
Karriem Riggins, Headnod Suite 2LP, $22
Kawir, Father Sun, Mother Moon 2LP, $20
Kendrick Lamar, To Pimp a Butterfly 2LP, $24
Kendrick Lamar, Untitled Unmastered LP, $24
Kevin Devine & Owen, Devinyl Split No. 5 7”, $6
King Woman, Created in the Image LP, $18
KMD, Black Bastards 2LP, $24
Knelt Rote, Insignificance LP, $15
Knxwledge, Anthology 2LP, $22
Knxwledge, Hud Dreems 2LP, $22
Kraftwerk, Man Machine LP (import / unofficial release), $23
La La Land OST, $22
Lamb Of God, New American Gospel LP, $21
Lecherous Gaze, One Fifteen LP, $19
Light of the Morning Star, Cemetery Glow 12-inch, $
Madlib Medicine Show Vol. 9 Channel 85 Presents Nittyville 2LP, $20
MADLIB, Shades of Blue: 75th Anniversary Edition 2LP, $24
Madvillain, Madvillainy instrumentals 2LP, $19
Magnetic Fields, 50 Song Memoir 5LP box set, $111
Marco Polo, Port Authority 2LP blue vinyl, $28
Marvin Gaye, Let’s Get It Out On 180g LP, $15
Masta Ace & MF Doom, Ma Doom 2LP, $19
Masta Ace, The Falling Season 2LP, $26
Masta Killa, Selling My Soul Lp clear vinyl, $15
Max Richter, From Sleep 2LP, $27
Max Richter, Songs From Before LP, $22
Max Richter, The Blue Notebooks LP, $21
Meatbodies, Alice LP, $17
Medication, Warm Places LP, $15
Melvins, Dale Crover LP, $17
Melvins, Joe Preston LP, $17
Melvins, King Buzzo LP, $17
Mercyful Fate, No Mercy For The Falen Live LP (import / unofficial release), $26
MF Doom Live From Planet X LP, $19
MF Doom, My Favorite Ladies 12-inch, $11
Minor Threat, Black Sheep in Gotham Live LP (color vinyl) (import / unofficial release), $18
Minor Threat, Black Sheep in Gotham Live LP (import / unofficial release), $18
Morta Sluld, Wounds Deeper LP, $23
Nathan Fake, Providence 2LP, $28
Necro, Instrumentals Vol 1 2LP, $26
Necrophagist, Epitaph LP, $17
Neige et Noirceur / Werwolfsblut, Split CS, $8
Neko Case, Live From Austin Texas LP, $23
Nelly Furtado, The Ride LP, $22
Nervosas, Nervosas LP, $16
New York Dolls, Endless Party 180g LP, $14
New York Dolls, Self Titled LP, $15
Nick Drake, Five Leaves Left LP, $11
Nick Drake, Five Leaves Left LP, $22
Nick Drake, Pink Moon LP, $22
Nirvana, Damage Mon Amour LP (import / unofficial release), $21
Nothington, In The End LP, $17
NWA, NWA Greatest Hits 2LP, $23
NWA, Straight Outta Compton LP, $27
Nyogthaeblisz, Apex Satanist CD, $11
Nyogthaeblisz, Apex Satanist LP, $15
Obituary, Obituary CD, $13
Obituary, Obituary LP, $17
Off With Their Heads, Won’t Be Missed LP, $15
Ol Dirty Bastard, Return to the 36 Chambers 2LP, $23
Old Graves, Long Shadows LP, $16
Ortofon 2M Blue, Moving Magnet phono cartridge w/Nude elliptical diamond, $235
Ortofon 2M Bronze, Moving Magnet phono cartridge w/Nude Fine Line Diamond, $440
Ortofon 2M Red, Moving Magnet phono cartridge w/elliptical diamond, $100
Ortofon LH-2000 plug & play headshell, $85
Ortofon SH-4 plug & play headshell, $35
Ortofon stylus pressure gauge, $12
Ozric Tentacles, Curious Corn 2LP, $28
Ozric Tentacles, Erpland 2LP, $28
Ozric Tentacles, Pungent Effulge 2LP, $28
Partisan, Partisan LP, $15
PB Wolf, My Vinyl Weighs a Ton Lp, $17
Pink Floyd, Live in NYC 1977 LP (import / unofficial release), $21
Pink Floyd, Meddle LP, $28
Pissblood, Fevered Dreams of Delirium CS, $5
PLOW United, Plow United LP, $15
Poison Idea, War All the Time LP, $18
Power Trip, Nightmare Logic LP, $12
Predatory Light, Predatory Light LP, $17.00
Pretty Things, Self Titled LP, $18
Pretty Things, Sf Sorrow LP, $24
Prisoner of War, Rot Gatefold 12-inch, $15
Public Enemy, Fear Of A Black Planet 2LP, $27
Public Enemy, It Takes A Nation LP, $22
Quasimodo, The Further Adventures Of Lord Quas 2LP, $19
R. Stevie Moore, Make It Be LP, $14
Replacire, Do Not Deviate CD, $13
Replacire, Do Not Deviate LP, $19
Ryan Adams, Prisoner LP, $20
Sarah Nelson, Oh, Evolution LP, $21
Sea and Cake, Fawn LP, $15
Sea and Cake, Nassau 2LP, $17
Sete Stars Sept, Messenger from the Darkness LP, $15
Sex Pistols, We’ve Come For Your Children LP, $14
Shobaleader, Elektrac 2LP, $25
Six Organs of Admittance LP, $20
Skeletonwitch, Beyond the Permafrost LP, $21
Skeletonwitch, Serpents Unleashed LP, $20
Small Brown Bike, Recollected LP, $15
Smiths, Pablo Cuckoo Tape LP (import / unofficial release), $20
Snoop Dogg, Doggystyle 2LP, $22
Sonics, Boom LP, $18
Sonics, Here Are The Sonics LP, $18
Soundgarden, Superunknown 2LP, $27
Soundgarden, Ultramega OK 2LP, $24
Spectral Voice / Phrenelith, Split 7-inch, $8
Spire, Entropy LP, $18
Spoon, Hot Thoughts LP, $19
Steve Earle, Live From Austin Texas LP, $29
Talib Kweli, Fuck The Money 2LP, $20
Talib Kweli, Gravitas 2LP color vinyl, $19
Talib Kweli, Gutter Rainbows 2LP, $18
Taumie, Holy Ghost Spirituals LP, $17
Teddy Williams, Worry Off My Mind LP, $15
Temple Nightside, The Hecatomb LP, $18
Temples, Volcano LP, $17
The Abyss Stares Back, Absent in Body LP, $17
The Alchemist, Rapper’s Best Friend 4 2LP, $26
The Bombpops, Fear of Missing Out LP, $14
The Cavemen, Born To Hate LP, $23
The Cure, Kiss Me 180g 2LP, $31
The Cure, Seventeen Seconds 180g LP, $21
The Cure, Three Imaginary Boys 180g LP, $21
The Devil’s Blood, The Time of No Time Evermore 2LP, $23
The Jesus and Mary Chain, Damage and Joy 2LP, $28
The Man Who Fell to Earth OST, $30
The Ruins of Beverast, Takitum Tootem! 12-inch, $17
The Shins, Heartworms LP, $23
The Zombies, Odessy and Oracle LP, $16
Thin Lizzy, Bad Reputation LP, $22
Thin Lizzy, Johnny The Fox LP, $22
Thin Lizzy, Nightlife LP, $22
Thin Lizzy, Renegade 180g LP reissue, $30
Thin Lizzy, Shades of a Blue Orphanage LP, $18
Thin Lizzy, Thin Lizzy LP, $18
Thin Lizzy, Vagabonds of the West LP, $22
Thirteenth Floor Elevators , Psychedelic Sounds Of MONO LP, $24
Thundercat, Drunk 4x10-inch (red vinyl), $38
Thundercats, The Beyond LP, $19
Today Is The Day, Temple Of The Morning Star 2LP, $27
Trevor De Brauw, Uptown LP, $19
Unearthly Trance, Stalking the Ghost CD, $12
Unearthly Trance, Stalking the Ghost LP, $17
Unwed Sailor, Take A Minute 12-inch, $13
Unwed Sailor, Take A minute CS, $8
Various Artists, Killed By Death Vol 1 LP, $14
Various Artists, Killed By Death Vol 2 LP, $14
Various Artists, Killed By Death Vol 3 LP, $14
Various Artists, Killed By Death Vol 5 LP, $14
Velvet Underground & Nico, Self Titled LP, $16
Venefixion, Armorican Deathrites LP, $16
Venefixion, Armorican Deathrites/Defixio CD, $11
Venefixion, Dexixio LP, $15
Verberis, Vexamen 2LP, $
Volahn, Aq’ab’al 2LP, $
Vorhees, Black Horse Pike LP, $16
Vukari, Divination LP, $16
Vvounds, Descending Flesh LP, $15
Wailers, Favulous Wailers LP, $15
Warpvomit, Barbaric Triumph of Evil LP, $
Watain, Casus Luciferi LP, $27
Ween, The Mollusk LP color vinyl, $26
Western Addiction, Tremulous LP, $13
Woe, A Spell for the Death of Man LP, $16
Wu Tang Clan, A Better Tomorrow 2LP, $22
Wu-Tang Clan, Enter the Wu-Tang LP, $20
Xiu Xiu, Forget LP, $16
Yesterday’s New Quintet, Angles Without Edges 2LP, $17
Yesterday’s New Quintet, Yeterday’s Universe 2LP, $17
Your Old Droog, PACKs LP, $19
Zao, The Well Intentioned Virus LP, $25
Zeal and Ardor, Devil is Fine LP, $19

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