New arrivals & restocks (storefront) - December 16th, 2016

Adam Bartlett

Here are recent new arrivals and restocks for the storefront! Not everything here is available online since we like to keep the web store curated. 


7 Seconds, Leave a Light On LP, $15.00
Abbath, S/T (Solid Green Vinyl) LP, $19.00 (Season of Mist)
Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn, Something About April Part 2 LP, $25.00
Adrian Younge, Electronique LP, $24.00 (Linear Labs)
AFI, Black Sails in the Sunset LP, $16.00
Against Me!, As the Eternal Cowboy LP, $16.00 (Fat Wreck)
Against Me!, Is Reinventing Axl Rose LP, $18.00 (No Idea)
Angel Olsen, Burn Your Fire For No Witness LP, $15.00 (Jagjaguwar)
Angel Olsen, Halfway Home LP, $17.00 (Bathetic)
Angel Olsen, My Woman LP, $16.00 (Jagjaguwar)
Arriver, Emeritus LP, $17.00 (Scioto)
At the Gates, The Red in the Sky is Ours LP, $18.00
Autopsy, Acts of the Unspeakable LP, $18.00
Autopsy, Macabre Eternal 2LP, $18.00
Autopsy, Severed Survival LP, $18.00
Bad Religion, Against the Grain LP, $18.00
Bad Religion, No Control LP, $18.00
Bad Religion, Suffer LP, $18.00
Beck, Guero LP, $19.00
Beck, Odelay LP, $19.00
Beck, Sea Change 2LP, $22.00
Betty Davis, The Columbia Years LP, $23.00
Bloodbath, Grand Morbid Funeral LP, $18.00
Bloodbath, The Wacken Carnage 2LP, $23.00
Bohren / Der Club of Gore, Bohren For Beginners CD, $15.00 (PIAS)
Bohren & der Club of Gore, Black Earth 2LP, $27.00
Bosse-De-Nage, S/T LP, $15.00 (Flenser)
Brand New, Deja Entendu 2LP, $27.00
Brand New, The Devil and God Are Raging Inside Me 2LP, $29.00
Brian Jonestown Massacre, Third World Pyramid 2LP, $24.00
Bright Eyes, A Collection of Songs Written and Recorded 1995-1997 2LP, $24.00
Bright Eyes, Cassadega (Remastered) LP, $26.00
Bright Eyes, Digital Ash in a Digital Urn (Remastered) LP, $26.00
Bright Eyes, Fevers and Mirrors 2LP, $26.00
Bright Eyes, I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning (Remastered) LP, $18.00
Bright Eyes, Letting Off the Happiness LP, $20.00
Bright Eyes, LIFTED CD, $11.00 (Saddle Creek)
Broken Social Scene, Feel Good Lost LP, $23.00 (Arts & Crafts)
Brother Ali, Mourning in America and Dreaming in Color LP, $23.00
Brujeria, Pocho Aztlan 2LP, $27.00 (Nuclear Blast)
Butthole Surfers, Electriclarryland 2LP, $30.00
Butthole Surfers, Rembrandt Pussyhorse LP, $18.00
Candlemass, Epicis Doomicus Metallicus LP, $18.00
Candlemass, Nightfall LP, $18.00
Candlemass, Tales of Creation LP, $16.00
Carcass, Heartwork LP, $23.00
Cheap Girls, God's Ex-Wife LP, $17.00 (Asian Man)
Chinatown OST LP, $22.00
Clipping, S/T 2LP, $22.00
Clipping, Splendor and Misery LP, $18.00
Coil, The Ape of Naples 2LP, $27.00 (Imprec)
Coil, The New Backwards 2LP, $26.00 (Imprec)
Coil, The New Backwards LP, $26.00 (Imprec)
Comeback Kid, Turn It Around LP, $15.00 (Facedown)
CONAN, Revengeance LP, $18.00
Crippled Black Phoenix, Bronze CD, $14.00 (Season of Mist)
Crippled Black Phoenix, Bronze CS, $10.00 (Season of Mist)
Crowhurst, S/T LP, $17.00 (Broken Limbs)
Czarface, A Fistful of Peril LP, $25.00 (Silver Age)
Czarface, Every Hero Needs a Villain 2LP, $29.00 (Brick)
Damien Jurado and Richard Swift, Other People's Songs Vol. 1 LP, $15.00 (Secretly Canadian)
Darkthrone, A Blaze in the Northern Sky CD, $10.00
Darkthrone, Arctic Thunder (Special Edition) LP, $20.00
Darkthrone, Under a Funeral Moon LP, $19.00
Dead To Me, I Wanna Die in Los Angeles 7in, $6.00 (Fat Wreck)
Death By Stereo, Into the Valley of Death LP, $17.00 (Indecision)
Death in June, Burial (Numbered Limited Edition Colored) LP, $26.00
Death in June, Peaceful Snow 2x10in, $42.00 (label??)
Death, The Sound of Perseverance 2LP, $25.00 (Relapse)
Deathgasm OST 2LP, $38.00
Deicide, S/T LP, $21.00 (Metal Blade)
Depeche Mode, Violator LP, $19.00
Diners, Three LP, $17.00 (Asian Man)
Disasterpiece, It Follows OST LP, $21.00
Dodheimsgard, 666 International LP, $23.00
Don Caballero, Five Crazy Pairs of Pants LP, $17.00
Drive OST 2LP, $36.00
Earth, Pentastar: In the Style of Demons LP, $16.00
Elliott, Song In the Air LP, $15.00 (Revelation)
Every Time I Die, Low Teens LP, $18.00 (Epitaph)
Evoken, Quietus 2LP, $18.00
Excel, The Joke's On You CD, $13.00 (Southern Lord)
Excel, The Joke's On You LP, $15.00 (Southern Lord)
Eyedea and Abilities, E&A 2LP, $26.00
Face to Face, Protection LP, $16.00 (Fat Wreck)
Frenzal Rhomb, We Lived Like Kings 2LP, $24.00 (Fat Wreck)
Godflesh, Selfless LP, $18.00 (Earache)
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Asunder, Sweet, and Other Distress CD, $14.00
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, F#A# LP, $16.00
Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Lift Your Skinny Fists 2LP, $20.00
Gojira, Terra Incognita LP, $27.00
Good Riddance, Peace In Our Time LP, $16.00 (Fat Wreck)
Hammerfall, Built to Last LP, $21.00
Harvey Milk, My Love is Higher Than Your Assessment 2LP, $25.00 (Chunklet)
Head Wound City, A New Wave of Violence LP, $16.00
Hell/Thou, Resurrection Bay 7-inch, $8.00 (label??)
Hot Water Music, Forever and Counting (Limited Edition) LP, $17.00
Husker Du, Metal Circus LP, $17.00
In Flames, Battles Box Set, $47.00 (Nuclear Blast)
Integrity, Humanity Is the Devil (20th Anniversary Edition) LP, $17.00 (Organized Crime)
Integrity, Seasons In the Size of Days (20th Anniversary Edition) LP, $17.00 (Organized Crime)
Inter Arma, Paradise Gallows 2LP, $25.00 (Relapse)
Ion Dissonance, Cast the First Stone LP, $16.00 (Good Fight)
Isengard, Hostmorke LP, $18.00
Isengard, Vinterskugge 2LP, $23.00
JJ Doom, Key to the Kuffs LP, $18.00
John Barry, Walkabout OST LP, $29.00
John Cage, Early Electronic and Tape Music LP, $18.00
Johnny Farmer, Wrong Doers Respect Me LP, $16.00 (Fat Possum)
Joyce Manor, Cody LP, $18.00
Julien Baker, Sprained Ankle LP, $18.00 (6131)
Kate Tempest, Let Them Eat Chaos LP, $18.00 (LEX)
Khemmis, Hunted CD, $10.00
Khemmis, Hunted LP, $16.00
Khold, Til Endes LP, $18.00
King Dude, Sex CD, $13.00
King Dude, Sex LP, $21.00
Lacing, Honey Glow CS, $5.00 (self release)
Lee Hazelwood, Cowboy In Sweden, $22.00
Lost Highway OST (Various Artists) 2LP, $35.00
Luke Cage OST 2LP, $38.00
Lycus, Tempest LP, $15.00
M8Hurry Up, We're Dreaming 2LP, $25.00
Masked Intruder, Love and Other Crimes LP, $11.00 (Pure Noise)
Masked Intruder, M. I. LP, $14.00 (Fat Wreck Chords)
Masked Intruder, S/T LP, $14.00 (Fat Wreck Chords)
Mayhem, Live in Leipzig LP, $18.00
Metallica, Hardwired...To Self Destruct (Limited Deluxe Edition) Box Set, $53.00 (Blackened Recordings)
Mike Watt, Ring Spiel Tour '95 2LP, $24.00
Misfits, Earth A.D. LP, $18.00
Mitch Hedberg, The Complete Vinyl Collection Box Set, $90.00
Morbid Angel, Altars of Madness LP, $21.00
Morbid Angel, Altars of Madness LP, $23.00
Morbid Angel, Domination (ROCKtober 2016 Exclusive) LP $18.00
Morbid Angel, Gateways to Annihilation LP, $16.00
Muddy Waters, Elevate Me Mama LP, $20.00
Mutilation Rites, Suffer the Children 7-inch, $6.00 (Prosthetic)
My Dying Bride, As the Flower Withers LP, $18.00
My Dying Bride, The Angel and the Dark River 2LP, $23.00
My Dying Bride, The Dreadful Hours 2LP, $16.00
My Dying Bride, Turn Loose the Swans 2LP, $23.00
Nick Cave, The Skeleton Tree LP, $26.00
Nirvana, In Utero Limited Edition 2LP, $53.00
Nosferatu, OST 2LP, $36.00
Of Mice and Men, Cold World LP, $17.00
OFF!, S/T LP, $14.00
OFF!, Wasted Years LP, $15.00
P.O.S., We Don't Even Live Here LP, $20.00
Paradise Lost, Gothic LP, $18.00
Paradise Lost, Lost Paradise LP, $18.00
Pink Floyd, Animals LP, $27.00
Pink Floyd, Dark Side of the Moon LP, $31.00
Pink Floyd, Meddle LP, $27.00
Pink Floyd, Ummagumma 2LP, $38.00
Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here LP, $31.00
Planes Mistaken For Stars, Prey (Magenta) LP, $16.00
Prof, Liability 2LP, $23.00
Profantica, The Curling Flame of Blasphemy LP, $20.00
PUP, The Dream Is Over LP, $19.00 (Side One Dummy)
RAN, 1985 Soundtrack 2LP, $29.00
Rancid, Let's Go 10-inch, $18.00
Rancid, S/T LP, $18.00
Roky Erickson, Don’t Slander Me 2LP, $26.00
Roky Erickson, The Evil One 2LP, $26.00
Rolling Stones, Blue and Lonesome 180g 2LP, $35.00
Rush, 2112 40th Anniversary 3LP, $70.00
Rush, 21140th Anniversary 3LP+2CD+DVD box set, $135.00
Rush, Permanent Waves LP, $25.00
Sage Francis, A Healthy Distrust LP, $18.00
Silver Mt. Zion, "This is Our Punk Rock" 2LP, $20.00
Silver Mt. Zion, Born Into Trouble 2LP, $20.00
Silver Mt. Zion, He Has Left Us Alone LP, $16.00
Slayer, Christ Illusion LP, $23.00
Slayer, Reign in Blood LP, $23.00
Slayer, Seasons in the Abyss LP, $23.00
Slayer, South of Heaven LP, $23.00
Sodom, In the Sign of Evil LP, $21.00 (Steamhammer/Wax Maniax)
Songs: Ohia, Axxess and Ace LP, $15.00 (Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia, Didn't It Rain 2LP, $18.00 (Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia, Ghost Tropic LP, $15.00 (Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia, Hecla and Griper LP, $15.00 (Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co. 2LP, $19.00 (Secretly Canadian)
Songs: Ohia, S/T LP, $15.00 (Secretly Canadian)
Soundgarden, Badmotofinger 180g 2LP reissue, $32.00
Steve Reich, Information, Transformation, Modulation, and Noise LP, $26.00 (Modern Silence)
Stranger Things OST LP (Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein) (Upside Down Vinyl), $28.00 (Lakeshore)
Suicide Squad OST (Various Artists) 2LP, $26.00
Suicide, S/T LP, $21.00 (Superior Viaduct)
Super Unison, Auto LP, $16.00
Taake, Nattestid… LP, $18.00
TAD, 8-Way Deluxe LP, $20.00
TAD, God's Balls LP, $20.00
TAD, Salt Lick Deluxe LP, $20.00
Tame Impala, Lonerism LP, $23.00
Telefon Tel Aviv, Fahrenheit Fair Enough (Sky colored vinyl) LP, $19.00
The Decemberists, Her Majesty LP, $19.00 (Jealous Butcher)
The Fall, Grotesque (After the Gramme) LP, $15.00 (Superior Viaduct)
The Gits, Frenching the Bully LP, $17.00 (Broken Records)
The Hold Steady, Almost Killed Me LP, $21.00
The Jesus Lizard, Goat (Remaster) LP, $21.00
The Jesus Lizard, Head (Remaster) LP, $21.00
The Julie Ruin, Hit Reset LP, $16.00 (Hardly Art)
The Legendary Pink Dots, The Maria Sessions 2LP, $36.00 (label?)
The Magnetic Fields, The Wayward Bus / Distant Plastic Trees LP, $26.00 (Merge)
The Oh Sees, An Odd Entrances LP, $18.00 (label?)
The Pretty Reckless, Who You Selling For 2LP, $25.00
The Revenant OST (Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto) 2LP, $32.00 (Milan)
The Roots, Illadelph Halflife 2LP, $29.00
Tilahun Gessesse, Sima! LP, $18.00 (Mississippi Records)
Tori Amos, Boys for Pele (Remastered) 2LP, $28.00
Touch´ Amor´, …To the Beat of a Dead Horse LP, $18.00 (6131)
Toy, Clear Shot LP, $21.00 (Heavenly)
Trainspotting OST 2LP (Various Artists), $30.00
Trivium, Ember to Inferno 2LP, $28.00 (Kiichi Chaos/Cooking Vinyl)
Trivium, Ember to Inferno CD, $13.00 (Kiichi Chaos/Cooking Vinyl)
True Sounds of Liberty, Dance With Me LP, $22.00 (Nitro)
Twin Peaks OST LP, $29.00
Urfaust, Empty Space Meditation CD, $13.00
Urfaust, Empty Space Meditation LP, $21.00
Wardruna, Runaljod - Gapvar Ginnunga LP, $37.00 (Indie Recordings)
Wardruna, Runaljod - Yggdrasil LP, $37.00 (Indie Recordings)
Weezer, Blue Album LP, $17.00
Weezer, Pinkerton LP, $17.00
Weyes Blood, Front Row Seat to Earth LP, $17.00
William S. Burroughs, Curse Go Back LP, $28.00 (Paradigm Disks)
Wolves in the Throne Room, S/T LP, $17.00
Zuntata, Arcade Classics Vol. 1 LP, $33.00
Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath LP, $16.00
Black Sabbath, Never Say Die LP, $16.00
Black Sabbath, Paranoid LP, $29.00
Black Sabbath, Technical Ecstacy LP, $16.00
Black Sabbath, Volume 4 LP, $20.00
Diamond Head, All Will Be Revealed 2LP, $28.00
Dio, Decade of Dio 6LP box, $88.00
Enslabed, The Sleeping Gods LP, $21.00
Incantation, Tribute to the Goat LP, $22.00
Ion Dissonance, Cast the First Stone LP, $16.00
Jungle Rot, Order Shall Prevail LP, $14.00
Kaytranada, 99.9% 2LP, $25.00
Metallica, And Justice For All 2LP, $23.00
Metallica, Master Of Puppets LP, $18.00
Metallica, Metallica 2LP, $23.00
Satanic Warmaster, Black Metal Kommando CD, $14.00
Shape of Despaire, Alone in the Mist CD, $13.00
Slayer, Hell Awaits LP, $23.00
Sturgill Simpson, High Top Mountain LP, $16.00
The Boy and the Beast (Takagi Masakatsu), OST LP, $21.00
They Might Be Giants, Phone Power Lp, $17.00
Wolvserpent, Aporia:Kala:Ananta LP, $17.00

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