New arrivals & restocks (storefront) - September 16th, 2017

Adam Bartlett


A huge day for new shipments coming in the door. Happy to be super stocked up for the weekend. Pop down and check this stuff out. Some of it will be in the online store ASAP, we're getting caught up after shop opening / shipping Mizmor pre-orders. 

Tons of great punk and hardcore records from our Revelation order. Initial stockup from Sub Pop, orders from Thrill Jockey and Secretly Canadian. And then a good chunk of new big indie / major label stuff as well, including the new AGAINST ME album. Dig in and swing by the shop 11-7 Saturday or 12-4 Sunday. 


A Day To Remember, Bad Vibrations LP, $22.00

A Tribe Called Quest, The Low End Theory 2LP, $33.00

Adicts, Smart Alex LP, $19.00

Adolescents, Adolescents LP. $16.00

Aevangelist, Writhes In The Murk CD, $14.00

Against Me!, Shapeshift With Me 2LP, $22.00

Agnostic Front, Victim In Pain LP, $16.00

Akhlys, The Dreaming I CD, $14.00

Alda, Passage CD, $14.00

Allison Weiss, New Love LP, $17.00

Angel Olsen, Burn Your Fire For No Witness LP, $14.00

Angel Olsen, My Woman (Purple) Lp, $16.00

Anohni, Hopelessness 180g LP, $17.00

Archgoat, Angelcunt CD, $10.00

Archgoat, Heavenly Vulva CD, $10.00

Behexen, The Poisonous Path CD, $13.00

Big Black, Songs About Fucking LP, $15.00

Blue Oyster Cult, Blue Oyster Cult 180g LP, $34.00

Blut Aus Nord, Saturnian Poetry CD, $13.00

Body & Braveyoung LP, $14.00

Body & Thou, You Whom I Have Always Hated LP, $14.00

Bon Iver, Blood Bank 12-inch, $12.00

Bon Iver, Bon Iver LP, $15.00

Bon Iver, For Emma Forever Ago LP, $15.00

Carissa’s Weird, Songs About Leaving LP, $14.00

Carissa’s Weird, Ugly But Honest 2LP, $14.00

Ceremony, Rohnert Park LP, $16.00

Choking Victim, No Gods / No Managers LP, $23.00

CIV, Set Your Goals LP, $15.00

Clipping, Clppng 2LP, $21.00

Clipping, Splendor and Misery LP, $17.00

Cock Sparrer, Shock Troops LP, $11.00

Courtney Barnett, The Double EP, $17.00

Creepshow, Life After Death LP, $14.00

Crusades, Perhaps You Deliver This Judgment With Greater Fear Than I Receive It LP, $16.00

Cult Of Luna / Raangest split LP, $18.00

Cult Of Luna, Eternal Music Lp, $18.00

Death Grips, Bottomless Pit Lp, $21.00

Death Grips, No Love Deep Web 2LP, $25.00

Death Grips, The Powers That B 2LP, $25.00

Devin Townsend, Transcendence 2LP, $22.00

Die Kreuzen, Die Kreuzen Lp, $14.00

Dillinger Four, Civil War LP, $16.00

Discharge, End Of Days Lp, $16.00

DJ Shadow, The Mountain 2LP, $26.00

Don Caballero, American Don 2LP, $18.00

Doomtree, all Hands 2LP, $23.00

Earth, Earth 2 LP, $14.00

Earth, Pentastar LP, $14.00

Earth. Phase 3 2LP, $14.00

Elliott, False Cathedrals LP, $15.00

Expire, Pretty Low LP, $16.00

Father John Misty, Fear Fun LP, $17.00

Father John Misty, I Love You Honeybear LP, $18.00

Flatliners, Dead Language LP, $16.00

Fleet Foxes, Helplessness Blues LP, $17.00

Flume, Flume (Deluxe) 2LP, $27.00

Get Dead, Honesty Lives LP, $16.00

Give Up The Ghost, Year One LP, $16.00

Helen Money, Become Zero LP, $15.00

Heron Oblivion, Heron Oblivion LP, $18.00

Ian Dury - Live At Rockplast 2LP (import), $33.00

Ian Sweet, Shapeshifter LP, $14.00

In The Woods, Pure CD, $14.00

Integrity, Humanity Is The Devil 20th anniversary edition LP, $16.00

Into It. Over It., Standards LP, $20.00

Iron Chic, Not Like This LP, $18.00

Iron Chic, The Constant One LP, $16.00

Joyce Manor, Never Hung Over LP, $22.00

King Tubby’s Two Big Bull In A One Pen (dubwise versions), $21.00

Lemuria, The Distance Is So Big LP, $16.00

Low, Ones And Sixes LP, $21.00

Luke Bell, Luke Bell LP, $16.00

LVL UP, Return To Love LP, $17.00

Marsh Dweller, The Weight Of Sunlight CD, $11.00

Masked Intruder, Love And Other Crimes LP, $11.00

Masked Intruder, M.I. LP, $14.00

Masked Intruder, M.I. LP, $16.00

Masked Intruder, Masked Intruder LP, $14.00

Mike & The Melvins, Three Men And A Baby CD, $12.00

Mike & The Melvins, Three Men And A Baby LP, $18.00

Modest Mouse, Lonesome Crowded West 2LP, $23.00

Morgan Delt, Phase Zero LP, $18.00

Mudhoney, Mudhoney CS, $8.00

Nails, Unsilent Death LP, $12.00

Nas, Illmatic LP, $18.00

Negative Approach, Tied Down LP, $14.00

New Found Glory, Not Without A Fight LP, $16.00

Night Birds, Born To Die In Suburbia LP, $15.00

Night Birds, Mutiny At Muscle Beach LP, $16.00

Nirvana, Bleach CS, $8.00

Nirvana, Bleach LP, $16.00

No Doubt, Tragic Kingdom LP, $16.00

NOFX, Punk In Drublic 20th Anniversary reissue LP, $26.00

NOFX, Wolves In Wolves Clothing LP, $15.00

Off With Their Heads, From The Bottom LP, $16.00

Outkast, Stankonia 2LP, $28.00

Panopticon, Revisions Of The Past 2CD, $15.00

Pearl Jam, Ten 2LP, $33.00

Pestifere, Hope Misery Death CD, $11.00

Pissed Jeans, Honeys LP, $14.00

Pissed Jeans, Shallow LP, $16.00

Protomartyr, The Agent Intellect LP, $14.00

Red House Painters, Old Ramon LP, $21.00

Rogue Wave, Descended Like Vultures LP, $11.00

Sam Beam & Jesca Hoop, Love Letter For Fire LP, $16.00

Saves The Day, Through Being Cool LP, $16.00

Sect, Sect LP, $15.00

Shearwarer, Jet Plane And Oxbow LP, $21.00

Sheer Terror, Standing Up For Falling Down LP, $20.00

Sinoia Caves, Beyond The Black Rainbow Soundtrack LP, $15.00

Slayer, Show No Mercy Lp, $23.00

Sleater Kinney, No Cities To Love LP, $16.00

Songs: Ohia, Didn’t It Rain 2Lp, $18.00

Star Fucking Hipsters, Until We’re Dead LP, $15.00

Stilla, Skuggflock CD, $12.00

Streetlight Manifesto, Somewhere In Between LP, $16.00

Sturgill Simpson, Metamodern Sounds Lp, $17.00

Sumac, The Deal 2LP, $25.00

Sun Ra, Lady With The Golden Stockings 10”, $13.00

Sun Ra, Nuclear War 10”, $13.00

Sunny Day Real Estate, Diary 2LP, $16.00

Sunny Day Real EState, Diary CS, $8.00 

Sunny Day Real Estate, How It Feels LP, $17.00

Sunny Day Real Estate, LP2 CS, $8.00

Sunny Day Real Estate, LP2 LP, $16.00

Swingin Utters, Fistful Of Hollow LP, $16.00

Swingin Utters, Poorly Formed LP, $16.00

Tacocat, Lost Time LP, $14.00

Talib Kweli, Reflection Eternal 2LP, $29.00

Tenement, Blind Wink LP, $18.00

Terror, One With The Underdogs LP, $18.00

Texas Is The Reason, Do You Know Who You Are? 2LP, $21.00

The Julie Ruin, Hit Reset LP, $15.00

The Meatmen, We’re The Meatmen And You Suck LP, $14.00

The Menzingers, A Lesson In The Abuse Of Information Technology LP, $12.00

Total Control, Henge Beat LP, $17.00

Tribulation, The Horror LP, $21.00

Ugly Casanova, Sharpen Your Teeth 2LP, $18.00

Vukari, Divination CD, $14.00

Wet Hair, In Vogue Spirit LP, $17.00

Wipers, Is This Real? LP, $18.00

World Be Free, The Anti-Circle LP, $14.00

Wrekmeister Harmonies, Light Falls LP (maroon vinyl), $15.00

Wrekmeister Harmonies, Night of your Ascension LP, $14.00

Wrekmeister Harmonies, Then It All Came Down LP, $14.00

Wu Tang Clan, Enter The Wu-Tang LP, $19.00

Youth Of Today, Break Down The Walls Lp, $15.00

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