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Gilead Media 2017 Subscription Club

Gilead Media 2017 Subscription Club

With the huge number of releases coming down the pipeline from Gilead Media this year, the label has decided to launch a Subscription Club for the year. 

The subscription club registration is available now for $325, and limited to 125 subscriptions. Details regarding the sub club and everything it includes are below:


Here are the details on the 2017 sub club:
- Subscribers will always receive the most limited vinyl color or version of each release (if any limitations exist for that particular release)
- Shipping included for all U.S. subscribers
- EU subscribers will receive their LPs in 3-4 bulk packages at a discounted shipping rate, to be quoted and invoiced at the time of shipment. 
- 5 subscribers selected at random will receive a test pressing for each release, the 5 winners will be re-selected for each title
- Subscribers will receive an exclusive Gilead Media 2017 sub club embroidered patch
- Subscribers will receive an exclusive dye-sublimated Gilead Media 2017 sub club turntable slipmat
- Subscribers will receive an exclusive screen printed Gilead Media 2017 sub club coffee mug
- Subscribers will receive a 5% discount on all Eroding Winds orders placed in 2017, no exclusions
- Any additional releases or represses not included on the original list (below) will be available to sub club members at a discounted price
- Limited to 125 subscriptions for 2017
- Subscription club sign-up is only available until 2/28/17. 
- Subscriptions made via bandamp are due in full in a single payment. For payment installment options visit

***IMPORTANT NOTE: The release schedule is subject to change without notice, or releases may be delayed beyond our control. Subscribers are guaranteed to receive 18 releases, even if they pour over into 2018 for whatever reason. By subscribing to the Gilead Media 2017 Subscription Club you agree to these terms. 

Feb/March, 2017
RELIC79 - Vampillia + the body - xoroAHbin LP (Collaboration LP, finally available on vinyl, avant-garde / noise)
RELIC80 - Kowloon Walled City - Turk Street 12” re-issue (Long out of print, available as a 12-inch for the first time, sludge metal / noise rock)
RELIC81 - Kowloon Walled City - Gambling on the Richter Scale LP re-issue (Long out of print, available again, noise rock / sludge metal)
RELIC82 - Ustalost - The Spoor Of Vipers LP (Solo project of W. Skarstad of Yellow Eyes, black metal)
RELIC92 - Krallice - Prelapsarian LP (New full-length LP, Krallice)

April/May 2017
RELIC86 - Couch Slut - Contempt LP (New full-length LP, noise rock)
RELIC87 - Buildings - You Are Not One Of Us LP (New full-length LP, noise rock)
RELIC88 - Less Art - TBA LP (Debut full-length LP featuring 2 members of Kowloon Walled City, 2 members of Thrice, and the vocalist of Curlupanddie, noise rock / post hardcore)
RELIC89 - False - TBA 7” (Two new songs)

August/September 2017
RELIC84 - Yellow Eyes - Stillicide & The Desert Mourns LP re-issue (Two limited EPs available again on vinyl, black metal)
RELIC85 - Yellow Eyes - Hammer of Night LP re-issue (The limited full-length finally available again, black metal)
RELIC90 - Fórn - TBA Full-length 2LP/CD/CS (Their first full-length, blackened doom)
RELIC91 - Cavernlight - As We Cup Our Hands And Drink From The Stream Of Our Ache LP (Their first full-length, blackened doom)
RELIC94 - E********* - S***-************* ************* 2LP (New full-length, atmospheric black metal)

October/November 2017
RELIC74 - Mutilation Rites - TBA full-length LP (The filthy return, black metal)
RELIC93 - Y***** **** - TBA full-length LP (A new full-length, black metal)
RELIC95 - Pyrolatrous - TBA 2017 2LP (Debut full-length of blackened death)
RELIC96 - N******** - TBA full-length 2LP (A new full-length from an old Gilead Family group, sludge metal / noise rock)


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