New Arrivals & restocks - June 8th, 2016

Adam Bartlett

Maryland Death Fest weekend was a whirlwind, thanks to all that came out to grab some records! Here's all the new goodies we added to the store this week & last.


Abyssal, Denouement LP (import), $15.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
Abyssal, Denouement CD (import), $12.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
A.L.N., Iyov CS, $11.00 (Self-released)
Alkerdeel, Lede LP (import), $18.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Alkerdeel & Gnaw Their Tongues, Dyo Dyo Asema CD (import), $10.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Alkerdeel & A Den Of Robbers, CM Kamp 1996/Horion Jugend 12-inch (import), $16.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Amenra, Alive LP (import), $18.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Amenra, Mass I 12-inch (import), $17.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Amenra, Mass II 12-inch (import), $17.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Amenra & Eleanora, Split 10-inch (import), $16.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath 180g LP, $18.00 (Rhino Records)
Black Sabbath, Paranoid LP, $17.00 (Rhino Records)
Black Sabbath, Master Of Reality 180g LP, $18.00 (Rhino Records)
Black Sabbath, Volume 4 180g LP, $18.00 (Rhino Records)
Black Sabbath, Sabbath Blood Sabbath 180g LP, $18.00 (Rhino Records)
Black Sabbath, We Sold Our Soul For Rock And Roll 180g 2LP, $27.00 (Rhino Records)
Black Sabbath, Sabotage 180g LP, $18.00, Rhino Records)
Behexen, The Poisonous Path CD (import), $13.00 (Debemur Morti Productions)
CHVE, Rasa LP (import), $18.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Chaos Moon, Amissum CD (import), $12.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
Decaying, One To Conquer 12-inch (import), $16.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
Deafheaven, New Bermuda 2LP deluxe limited edition, $29.00 (Anti Records)
Death, Scream Bloody Gore LP, $17.00 (Relapse Records)
Desolate Shrine, Tenebrous Towers CD (import), $12.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
Gateway, Gateway CD (import), $12.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
Gorguts, Pleides Dust CD, $11.00 (Season Of Mist)
Gorguts, Pleides Dust CS, $10.00 (Season Of Mist)
Gorguts, Pleides Dust 12-inch, $18.00 (Season Of Mist)
Gnaw Their Tongues, Per Flagellum Sanguemque Tenebras Veneramus 2x10-inch (import), $25.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Inculcator, Void Abecedary CS, $6.00 (Caligari Records)
In The Woods, Heart Of The Ages 3CD box set (import), $29.00 (Debemur Morti Productions)
Inwolves, Involves LP (import), $17.00 (Consouling Sounds)
Leviathan, Scar Sighted CD box set, $15.00 (Profound Lore)
Lluvia, Eternidad Solemne CD (import), $12.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
MGLA, Exercises in Futility LP (import), $17.00 (Northern Heritage)
MGLA, Groza LP (import), $17.00 (Northern Heritage)
MGLA, Presence+ LP (import), $17.00 (Northern Heritage)
MGLA, Mdlosci + Further Down The Nest LP (import), $17.00 (Northern Heritage)
Motorhead, Motorhead 200g ltd LP, $26.00 (Sanctuary Records)
Olkoth, The Immortal Depths CS (import), $7.00 (Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions)
Paroxsihzem, Abyss Of Excruciating Vexes 12-inch (import), $16.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
Rainbow, Rainbow Rising LP, $21.00 (Wax Cathedral)
Rush, Signals 200g LP, $25.00 (Mercury Records)
Rush, Permanent Waves 200g LP, $25.00 (Mercury Records)
Rush, 2112 200g LP, $25.00 (Mercury Records)
Rush, Fly By Night 200g LP, $25.00 (Mercury Records)
Slayer, Reign In Blood LP, $24.00 (American Recordings)
Slayer, South Of Heaven LP, $24.00 (American Recordings)
Sumac, What One Becomes CD, $12.00 (Thrill Jockey)
Sumac, What One Becomes 2LP (red vinyl), $18.00 (Thrill Jockey)
Sumac, What One Becomes 2LP (black vinyl), $18.00 (Thrill Jockey)
Vacivus, Rite of Ascension CD (import), $10.00 (Hellthrasher Productions)
Jozef van Wissem, When Shall This Bright Day Begin LP (import), $17.00 (Consouling Sounds)


Leviathan, Scar Sighted 2LP + art box, $103.00
Leviathan, Scar Sighted CS + art box, $17.00
Leviathan, Scar Sighted CD + art box, $15.00

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