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New arrivals – April 28th, 2016

New Arrivals

Yeah, we just sent the newsletter out earlier today. But Taylor has been wrecking shit getting this list of new titles added to the store. Here’s what was added after today’s newsletter went out. All are available in the store now:

Altarage, Nihl LP (import), $16.00 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Asphodelus, Dying Beauty & The Silent Sky LP (import), $13.70 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Begrime Exmious, Enslavement Conquest CD, $10.00 (Dark Descent)
Black Mountain, IV 2LP, $19.00 (Jagjaguwar)
Blackosh, Kurvy Chlast a Black Metal LP (import), $16.00 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Creation Is Crucifixion, Antenna Builder & The Soldering Iron Gives Us Control 2LP, $25.00 (Robotic Empire)
Dakhma, Astiwihad-Zohr 12-inch (import), $14.90 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Entrails, Tales From The Morgue CD, $10.00 (Dark Descent)
Eucharist, Endarkenment LP (import), $13.40 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Folteraar, Vertellingen Van Een Dinkere Eeuw LP (import), $15.00 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Grave, You’ll Never See LP, $22.80 (Century Media)
Hostium, The Bloodwine Of Satan LP (import), $15.00 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Interment, Scent Of The Buried CD, $10.00 (Dark Descent)
Khthoniik Cerviiks, SeroLogiikal Scars LP (import), $16.00 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Nightcrawler OST (James Newton Howard) 2LP, $35.00 (Invada)
Onirik, Casket Dream Veneration LP (import), $17.20 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Shellac, 1000 Hurts LP, $24.00 (Touch And Go)
Shellac, At Action Park LP, $23.00 (Touch And Go)
Shellac, Dude Incredible LP, $20.00 (Touch And Go)
Shellac, Excellent Italian Greyhound LP, $20.00 (Touch And Go)
Slaegt, Beautiful And Damned 12-inch (import), $15.00 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Sufjan Stevens, Illinois 10th Anniversary 2LP, $24.00 (Asthmatic Kitty)
Temple Below, The Dark Goddess 12-inch (import), $21.00 (Iron Bonehead Productions)
Third Storm, Taritiya Me 12-inch, $13.00 (Dark Descent)
Tim Kinsella, Firecracker In A Box Of Mirrors LP, $15.00 (Joyful Noise)
William S. Burroughs, Call Me Burroughs LP, $23.00 (Superior Viaduct)

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