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Years of Abuse - The Social Order CS

Holy Roar Records

Years of Abuse - The Social Order CS


Released by Holy Roar Records. More info from the label:

Along with Will Drewry (guitar/vocals) and Blake Ford (bass/vocals), Kieran Brindley (ex-Bastions) is back with Years of Abuse. Drawing upon a wide palette of grind and metal, Y.O.A arrive at a blistering, modern sound that is relentlessly precise in its execution. From 50-second blast bombs such as ‘Avarice’ and ‘Birkenau’ to tightly-controlled mosh detonators like ‘Track Marks’, this is a band that sound psychotically focussed from the very first moment.

Fans of Pulling Teeth, Nails and Dead in the Dirt should look no further.

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