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Wallachia - Carpathia Symphonia LP

Debemur Morti Productions

Wallachia - Carpathia Symphonia LP


Released by Debemur Morti. More info from the label:

This short and precious release sounds like the noble echo of a time gone by. Indeed, "Carpathia Symphonia" is a sublime celebration of the golden age of Norwegian Black Metal. Remember, this legendary and inspired combination of majestic atmospheres, unforgettable and timeless melodies, the whole thing magically wrapped in this so-specific and unique feeling... incredibly pure.

Composed of an exclusive new song, "Mother Tongue of Heresy", along with totally re-arranged versions of the old ambient/acoustic song, "Arges - Raul Doamnei", and the classic WALLACHIA hymn "Fullmoon above Fagaras", "Carpathia Symphonia" presents WALLACHIA in its purest form: symphonic, raw and pagan. A nostalgic and imperial return to the roots. Simply fantastic.

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