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Venom - In League with Satan Vol. 1 2LP

Back On Black

Venom - In League with Satan Vol. 1 2LP


Compilation, released after they lost their war with Satan. Rerelease from Back on Black.


A1 Intro Tape 83/84

A2 In League With Satan

A3 Live Like An Angel, Die Like A Devil

A4 Welcome To Hell

A5 Poison

B1 Witching Hour

B2 One Thousand Days In Sodom

B3 Angel Dust

B4 Bloodlust

B5 In Nomine Satanas

C1 Venom Radio 1 I.D.

C2 Black Metal

C3 To Hell And Back

C4 Buried Alive

C5 Teacher's Pet

D1 Heaven's On Fire

D2 Countess Bathory

D3 Die Hard (12" Version)

D4 Acid Queen

D5 Bursting Out

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