Masahiko Togashi & Isao Suzuki - A Day Of The Sun LP


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A Day Of The Sun is a spiritual jazz masterpiece full of poetry by two geniuses of the Japanese musical scene. Masahiko Togashi and Isao Suzuki are both pivotal figures in jazz with unique talents and sensitivities that transcends conventional jazz forms and styles. In addition to being skilled performers, they demonstrate extraordinary compositional talent that transcends their sensibilities and wisdom of more conventional jazz. Together, they provide a wonderful combination of techniques, but without the eyes and ears of these two artists, the mutual understanding, friendship and cooperation that only certain artists are able to recreate together, would never have given rise to this music. The album consists of Togashi's drums/percussion and Suzuki's bass, with occasional cello and piano/synths, all skillfully performed by just the two of them, creating a unique worldview. A performance that far exceeds expectations. The mystical melodies of the East, earthy percussion, and the sensibilities of the two intertwine to create a unique groove, resulting in a universal masterpiece that will never fade away and connects with today's sound makers and DJs. Top sound quality from original master tapes. Includes four-sided insert with a very interesting interview at the time with the two musicians regarding the record.