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Tecumseh - Violet 12"

Anti-Matter Records

Tecumseh - Violet 12"

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Released by Anti-matter records. More info from the label:

Tecumseh is a minimal avant garde/drone/noise outfit which consists of John Krausbauer, Ian Hawk, & Jeremy Long haling from Portland, OR.

Tecumseh began in 2004 with the intent to create heavy, trance-inducing, long-form/long-duration drone music - minimal in composition and structure but maximum in volume and repetition. Originally dedicated to the riff as the vehicle to achieve this goal, it has since expanded to include more ambient and open-ended/improvisational areas of exploration. After a few early changes in the line-up, the core group solidified with (founder) John Krausbauer, Ian Hawk, Jeremy Long, and shortly after, Garek Druss while still holding a long tradition of collaborating with satellite players/members of the group.

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