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Saudade - Diary of Voices CS

Les Fleurs Du Mal Productions

Saudade - Diary of Voices CS


Released by Les Fleurs du Mal Productions, info from the label:

"That's why we need bands like Saudade, because they're a healthy reminder of what we should actually expect from a black metal band, and they actually have a level of musicianship and understanding of the genre that sets them apart from the leagues of basement-dwelling cretins out there. That's not to say that Diary of Voices is generic, by any means. The crunchy guitar tone and undertones of punk influence (see "Orbital Abuse") are very reminiscent of Carpathian Forest, no doubt, but this also lacks the self-indulgent whimsicality of Nattefrost and company. This is an album that is much more serious and composed in its nature, no small thanks to the lyrical theme of mental illness. Whereas more "traditional" black metal would probably shun the idea of acknowledging such a thing (even though many BM artists likely had some sort of mental illness of their own), Diary of Voices acknowledges just how horrifying it is to be in a war with your own thoughts, and although it's not like you can decipher exactly what the harsh vocals are saying, reading the lyrics in the booklet does actually enhance the atmosphere in the music."

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