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Ruin Lust - Ruin Lust LP

Psychic Violence

Ruin Lust - Ruin Lust LP

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Released by Psychic Violence. Aggressive, gritty death metal from Brooklyn, NY. A member of Fell Voices on drums. Great stuff. Highly Recommended. Blurb from the label: Hailing from NYC, the newest emanations from Ruin Lust show the band perfecting their vicious blend of blown out black/death metal violence. The 4 tracks of long form chaos featured on this release show a marked progression from the already-excellent material from the band's 2011 Demo. Expertly mastered for vinyl by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound Mastering for total devastation and pressed 100% in the US for a superior final product. Limited to 300 copies all on black vinyl.

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