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Panopticon - Social Disservices CD

Flenser Records

Panopticon - Social Disservices CD

Released by Flenser, description from the label: "PANOPTICON is the brainchild of one AUSTIN LUNDR, and has garnered considerable attention and critical acclaim for the project's raw, atmospheric blend of black metal, crust, post-rock, and Appalachian folk. Aquarius Records have lauded them as ‰ÛÏcrusty weirdo mathy abstruse black metal, a buzzing blasting pounding onslaught of Pagan fury, rife with samples and all matter of strange sonic filigree,‰۝ and their description isn't far off. Whereas Panopticon's On the Subject of Mortality was an internal mediation on death, and Panopticon's second album Collapse anticipated the decline of government infrastructure, Social Disservices lashes out against a broken social services infrastructure that imprisons a silent minority. Social Disservices continues the blackened crust of Panopticon's previous effort but with a bit more darkness this time. Think black noise with a dose of forlorn gaze. This is Panopticon's darkest record, and their most aggressive."

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