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Panopticon - Revisions of the Past CD

Bindrune Recordings

Panopticon - Revisions of the Past CD


Released by Bindrune. More info from the label:

The album " On the subject of mortality" has been painstakingly completely reworked , re-amped, cleaned up  and remixed by Spenser Morris as well as re mastered by Colin Marston to sound the way the album was originally intended. For many who have heard this album before, it will be like hearing the album the for the first time. The album suffered from terrible production due to the head space I was in when I recorded it, the equipment ( or lack of ) and COMPLETE lack of recording knowledge I had during its recording. To me, this is the album as intended and the definitive version of the record.

"Social Disservices" has also been completely reworked by Spenser Morris, painstakingly sample replacing the drums ( using samples from my drum kit), hit for hit and blending them with the original lo-fi drum tracks, so you can finally hear the parts played as they sounded live. When this album was tracked, I still had very little equipment or knowledge of how to convey the music as it sounded in my head...thanks to Spencer's hard work I can finally hear the album the way it was meant to sound..brutal, suffocating and furious. I am so thankful for the work he put into this.  The album was reworked, re-amped and remixed over a period of six months, then remastered by Colin Marston who was also involved in the creative process of the record. I am forever grateful to both of these men for the work they put into this.

The original versions of the album will always exist, and they stand as a reminder to me of a time and place in my growth with this project: raw, honest, stumbling through change and growth. I look back on both of those album folly for what they were at the time, but honestly I am relieved to have these ( in my opinion) improved versions of the albums done and  I am forever grateful to Spenser, Colin and Nate for the work they put into this.  Thank you my friends!

A deluxe vinyl set and CD version featuring both albums ( OTSOM and Social Disservices) will be released in late summer ( CD) and fall ( Vinyl) via Bindrune recordings and Nordvis. It includes the original text explanations, the original art and expanded art by none other than NATE BURNS, as well as current liner notes and reflections of the record and the process we came through for these versions.

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