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Owlfood - Destroyers of the Moon LP

Behind The Door

Owlfood - Destroyers of the Moon LP

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HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Slow, atmospheric, and incredibly good. Very rarely do I get an unsolicited email where I love the album so much that I immediately order a large number of copies. This band may be relatively unknown right now, but I assure you that will change. Destroyers of the Moon is limited to 400 copies, don't sleep. Do yourself a favor and listen to the embedded player. Blurb about the album: "The soundscape evoked in Destroyers of the Moon, began as a drawing, a graphic landscape. Conceiving the composition in a visual register-in which, for example, barren plains give way to mountainous peaks-allowed Owlfood to develop a fuller tonality, a sonority richer and more differentiated than in previous recordings. The old Owlfood can still be found in this scape, which functions as a ground for the project's original fragility, if not its melancholy."

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