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Oozing Wound/Black Pus - Split LP

Thrill Jockey

Oozing Wound/Black Pus - Split LP

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Released by Thrill Jockey. Description from the label:

"The Black Pus/Oozing Wound split captures both bands energy in a raw form. Intended as a limited edition tour record, the split is not a mere raw blast, it shows a new side to Black Pus and is a teaser for the monster sophomore album from Oozing Wound being mixed in April 2014.

‰ÛÏBlood Will Run,‰۝ which opens the Black Pus side of the LP, is the first Black Pus track to feature clean vocals, free of the distortion and hiss that has always masked Chippendale's vocals be that live or on record. Chippendale chose to record the vocals unaffected in order that they could be up front, in the listener's face. The song deals with the senseless shooting of Jordan Davis by Michael Dunn after a disagreement over loud music coming from an SUV that Davis was a passenger in. ‰ÛÏTotal Eclipse‰۝ is a 14-minute epic that, in classic Chippendale fashion, is driven by his galvanic drumming and caked in glorious noise.

Oozing Wound provide three tracks that are pure studio creations, the product of editing down 4 hours of audio into one concise 15 minute blast of primitive riffs, bass moans, and lurching drums. ‰ÛÏGanja Gremlin‰۝ and ‰ÛÏAging Punk‰۝ retain the bands signature reckless abandon and humor, but deviate from the format of the bulk of the songs on the band's debut Retrash. ‰ÛÏAll Things Must Pass Out‰۝ is pure, sludgy riff worship. "

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