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Obsidian Tongue / Infera - Split LP

Bindrune Recordings

Obsidian Tongue / Infera - Split LP

Released by Bindrune Recordings. More info from the label: Featuring 1 lengthy song from each band, Lakeside Redemption (Obsidian Tongue) and Reversing Tides (Infera Bruo) were initially released to digital and limited cassette only 4 way split ‰ÛÏNortheastern Hymns‰۝ with fellow Boston bands In Human Form and Autolatry in 2014. As both of these superb bands are now signed to Bindrune and also friends, this split seemed inevitable and a really impressive union of uniquely sculpted black metal. The Brotherhood series forges onward! Obsidian Tongue demonstrated their otherworldly progression on Lakeside Redemption with more of an aggressive speed and their serpentine riff/chord structures that wrap around hypnotic drum work. Infera Bruo are a venomous quartet that embrace the forces of barbaric blackness and unique experimental elements for a well rounded strike that flows between harsh and emotive waves of sound. A fine compositional glimpse into the bands upcoming, 2nd full-length release, ‰ÛÏIn Conjuration‰۝ which incidentally will be available on CD before this LP due to the annoying and lengthy delays at the vinyl pressing plant. This 12‰Û_ will be limited to 300 copies, come on colored vinyl and the first 50 pre-orders will also come with a logo patch for each band.

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