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North - Metanoia LP

Self Released

North - Metanoia LP

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This album was self-released by the band. More info from

The four-song EP is an intimately raw and solidly expressive record. The EP’s opening track, “Atrabilious,” showcases the massive evolution of the band’s sound from What We Were. Still carrying the characteristic brutish musical approach, there’s a softer edge to the North wail, doom done maturely. “Nefelibata” then opens the heart—it’s a heavy hymn, a delicately woven and endearing song that builds quietly to explode beautifully. “Hiareth,” is loosely composed, opening for breathing room, yet still heavy all the same, where musical phrase is carefully and powerfully articulated. The EP rounds out with “Master,” a syncopated collection of harmonies. Metanoia is a real organic masterpiece, the result of synergy and enduring dedication to writing quality music.

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