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Nocturnal Poisoning - Doomgrass LP

The End Records

Nocturnal Poisoning - Doomgrass LP


Released by The End Records. More info from the label:

Nocturnal Poisoning is Scott Conner; who formerly was the creative force and sole member of Xasthur, the highly influential black metal project.  In 2010 Scott dissolved Xasthur to move on to more challenging musical endeavors, namely Nocturnal Poisoning.  Using bluegrass guitar playing and American folk music as a starting point, Nocturnal Poisoning weave dark, complicated songs that are dissonant and melancholic as well as melodious.  Finger-picked guitars are layered upon each other with sparse percussion to create a hypnotizing atmosphere of desolation.  The vocals are delivered by Robert Nesslin, in a evocative, bluesy, chant-like style, adding yet another layer of despair to the already purgatorial mixture of sound.  While there is no black metal to be found on this record, Scott Conner's wholly unique song writing style developed throughout his tenure as Xasthur can clearly be heard in Nocturnal Poisoning.  "Doomgrass" is a distinctive, demanding, and all-together rewarding listening experience for those seeking something new.


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