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Nightfell - Darkness Evermore LP

20 Buck Spin

Nightfell - Darkness Evermore LP

Released by 20 Buck Spin, description from the label: In 2014 Portland's Nightfell stormed decisively onto the worldwide metal scene with their forceful debut album The Living Ever Mourn (Southern Lord / Parasitic). Now, having further fortified their ominous fusion of shadowed disharmony, Nightfell march forward with ‰Û÷Darkness Evermore', a commanding display of power, tension and dynamics. Once more defying easy classification, ‰Û÷Darkness Evermore' seethes with fiery, apocalyptic energy from the opening moments of ‰Û÷At Last' until the final ‰Û÷Collapse' and through the cycle of ‰Û÷The Cleansing' and ‰Û÷Rebirth' in between. Ranging from short respites to 10+ minute epics, the album's blackened guitar harmonies and bleak melodies provide a somber counterpoint to the massive, imposing riffs strewn about the record like bodies on a war torn field. Unsurprisingly considering the primary members' other musical outlets, the immense ferocity of the vocals exact a heavy toll and agonizing dread. As on the debut LP great care has been taken on the production and mastering side of Darkness Evermore to ensure a brutally heavy mix with a punishing low end that maintains clarity throughout. Poised to make the shift from studio project to live band in the coming months Nightfell's second LP signals a new birth for a band only beginning to make its indelible mark.

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