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Napalm Death - Earache Peel Sessions LP

Earache Records

Napalm Death - Earache Peel Sessions LP


UK radio DJ John Peel was responsible for inviting a succession of then-unknown, highly-extreme hardcore/punk/metal bands to lay down tracks to air on his national UK radio show in the late '80s. Causing intense debate at the time as members of the public were aurally assaulted by the most extreme music they had ever heard, John Peel continued his hands-on support to the fledgling scene for the next four years.

One of the most notorious bands to record Peel Sessions are the legendary Napalm Death, with their ferocious live versions still considered by many to be amongst their finest recordings. Indeed, drummer Mick Harris himself, in an interview for the 'Grind Madness at the BBC' compilation release noted, "I've always said this, and a lot of people agree, that the first Peel session was the most extreme recording that the band ever made. There was something about the space we recorded in. It was about capturing the essence and it did, it caught Napalm Death during the infancy of that lineup, and we just went in and played everything we knew."


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