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Muscle and Marrow - Love LP

Flenser Records

Muscle and Marrow - Love LP


Released by Flenser. More info from the label:

Portland, Oregon’s Muscle and Marrow write music that is at once harrowing and intense—yet also plaintive and vaporous. Formed in 2013 by Kira Clark (voice, guitar) and Keith McGraw (drums, sounds), Muscle and Marrow quickly discovered their distinctive sound. Taking inspiration from visual and feminist art, as well as contemporary poetry and literature, Muscle and Marrow is an entity that is as thoughtful as it is powerful, and as experimental as it is immediate. Their debut album The Human Cry was released in June 2014 by Belief Mower Records. Its songs were arresting and hysterical, but also distinctly feminine. Pitchfork called it “gorgeous” with Clark’s voice alternating between plaintive wails and guttural moans that soared over waves of pulsing drums and stifling guitars.


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