Scorn (Lustmord And Aethek) - Videogame Soundtrack LP

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Scorn (Lustmord And Aethek)  - Videogame Soundtrack LP
To complement the visceral, nightmarish Giger- and Beksi?ski-inspired art design, Scorn's composers created an ambient soundtrack that blurs the line between sound design and music. Brian Williams, aka Lustmord, is often credited for creating the dark ambient genre, and has arranged two whole-side suites of his cues for Scorn. His pieces slowly unfurl in a broodily meditative way, emanating with emptiness and loss. Adis Kutkut contributed under the alias Aethek, delivering oppressive, sci-fi-industrial tracks filled with deep synth pads, twisted harmonics, and metallic sounds triggering cavernous reverbs.

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