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Krigsgrav - Waves of Degradation CD

Bindrune Recordings

Krigsgrav - Waves of Degradation CD


Released by Bindrune Recordings. More info from the label:

 Krigsgrav is one of those bands that have reflected on their past works and never were satisfied or content with where they have been, rather strengthening their musical growth and evolution by striving for the future. The Carrion Fields was a very eye opening album for the folks at Bindrune Recordings, for it demonstrated Krigsgrav's desire to be more than just another black metal band. By tirelessly honing their sound and style, their music has reached an expansive apex on Waves of Degradation. With dense atmosphere and a gift for creating songs that resonate with power and passion, Krigsgrav have sculpted 5 vibrant tracks of moving black metal that struggles with the downfall of this planet.

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