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In the Woods - Heart of the Woods 6LP Box Set

Debemur Morti Productions

In the Woods - Heart of the Woods 6LP Box Set


Released by Debemur Morti Productions. More info from the label:

IN THE WOODS... is not just another band among many others, IN THE WOODS... stands out as an authentic Artistic entity who has left an indelible mark on the extreme musical scene. From the surreal, harsh, and beautiful Black Metal of "Heart Of The Ages" (1995), depicting the vast Norwegian landscapes with a rare, unique, and wondrous talent, to the more atmospheric, doomy, and magical approach of "Omnio" (1997), considered by many as their most influential album, and "Strange In Stereo", their outstanding last album to date, released in 1999, this enigmatic band have explored new musical territories and pushed the limits of creativity with incomparable know-how and a pure "touch of genius".

Almost 25 years after their inception, attempting to categorize the music of IN THE WOODS... is still a challenge, with each new album taking a giant step in a new direction, reflecting a style that is now immediately recognizable, and each one becoming an instant classic in the history of extreme, intelligent, adventurous, and progressive music.

They represent nothing less than the quintessence of sonic grandeur and a pure unlimited Artistic vision.

While the band is finally back from the world of silence and has been working for a few months on one of the most eagerly awaited albums of the last decade by a legion of impatient fans, Debemur Morti Productions gives you the opportunity to (re)discover this perfect discography...

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