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Hollow Sunshine - Held Above LP

Robotic Empire

Hollow Sunshine - Held Above LP


Released by Robotic Empire. More info from the label:

Hollow Sunshine's debut album combines deep tuning with pop undertones and a garage recording to create a unique combination of warmly familiar elements. The hypnotic swirl of lush vocals hovering over downtuned riffs and steady rhythms yield a truly mesmerizing listening experience. "Held Above" is Hollow Sunshine's first full-length and most realised vision after several EP releases.

The nine tracks of "Held Above" were self-recorded by the band and pro-mastered by James Plotkin, aiming for a soothing "lo" fidelity with clarity kept in mind. Hollow Sunshine exist within a delicate balance between blown out sludge, narcotic drone and pop sensibilities, an unlikely combination with brilliant results. Yet this contrast between heaviness and catchiness, with melodic vocals providing a calm and consistent drift throughout, makes Hollow Sunshine stand out starkly from contemporaries.

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